🎼 Best first song on an album

:musical_score: Best first song on an album


From 1994’s dubnobasswithmyheadman, probably better known for the dark train mix but I like this version a lot.


Top choice :fu:


“Now that your picture’s in the paper being rhythmically admired
And you can have anyone that you have ever desired
All you gotta tell me now is why, why, why, why?”

Costello > Presley hands down. Don’t fucking @ me.



First track from Mezzanine. Angel. Massive Attacks best album IMO. Also, BBC sport sampled it all the time as well as a load of adverts.


‘s alright. Not going to set the world alight. IMHO


Any suggestions Cobbers?


Pistols album.

Holidays in the sun.

That is all


I can relate to this, and it also reminds me of another thought I had about first tracks. A few albums I can think of had a weird, distorted or frankly unpleasant opener followed by an absolute killer second track which blew you away and sucked you into the album, and the cure’s second lp, seventeen seconds, was one such. Those first moments of A play for today had so much more impact because of the opener. The same goes for siouxsie and the banshees first album, the scream, and also Queen 2. There was a joy division album like that too, I forget which, either forbidden pleasures or closer.


Also what they started their set with when I saw them in the late 90’s.


I’d argue this is a better opener than Debaser.



The opening is great, and the rest isn’t bad either.


Still gives me the chills


Great album opener, and great set ender.


I never get tired of listening to this, not one of their best albums though.


More of an acquired taste, but I love em. Also, you can never have too much of Southampton’s finest cinematic offspring.


Mojo Pin…

Not the best song on the album but still…what an opener for the first track on his first (full) album.