:pl: :arsenalfc: Arsenal V Saints :saints: - Live on :sky_logo:

:arsenalfc: v :saints:

yeah right - Bazunu is going to slip a disc picking the ball out the net that many times

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Seems CB has hacked my account

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If it is not enough to ruin your weekend from 3pm on Saturday, let’s start from Friday evening :roll_eyes:.


Going to this, expecting to enjoy the first 12 minutes and then beat the rush at half time when we’re 5-0 down :sweat_smile:

(At least it’s only a half hour trek from Shoreditch)


The UTI has cleared up and I think we may get something out of this as the Arse havent won for ages.

I’ve been wait for the perfect game to spunk my triple captain chip in Fantasy Soccerball.

As I have two high end Arsenal players in my squad I can see absolutely no reason not to deploy it.

The Palace ‘performance’, thankfully, dispelled any what ifs/maybes that lingered in the very small over optimistic neuron cluster deep in the section of my brain labelled ‘malfunctions’.

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Double gamewerk incoming for many teams

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Here’s the thing.
We set up our 4222 against top 6 teams and cause them problems, pressing the life out of them.
When we make a mistake we lose, when we dont we scramble a point.
Against Arsenal we need to squeeze them to death that screams false 9 with no Che as Mara makes mistakes in the press and it wastes Tall Paul who isn’t cut out for that anyway.

We play tight maybe scrape a point.
Or get ripped to shreds trying to play to Tall Paul.

We are so fvcked

So to summarise, you’re pretty optimistic? :thinking::grin:

Optimistic this week’s The Mandalorian will be on my dodgy streaming site by 8pm UK time yes

i will be enduring the pain at close quarters in the Emirates. :flushed::frowning::frowning:


Not now @Shroppie is going


I may be going with bro-in-law who has season tickets.

Thinking I’ll decline (Farnham Beerex early doors on Sat so need to be match fit for that)

The last two times I was at the Emirates I saw us win and then draw.

Admittedly that was in the Koeman era.

I’ll be there waiting for my first away league win v them since 1968.

I missed the one win since in 1987, but not many others.


Was that the one when Joe Kirkup scored the winner? I was at that game…Micky Judd played a blinder and looked to be set up for a great future.