:saints: 🎠 Managerial Merry Go Round (Rumours)

New manager bounce?

I thought there was some rule about not more than 3 managers a season or was that just a guideline / reccomendation?

Another one gone

He will still be in the championship :rofl::rofl:

The latest signings havent exactly been impressive have they? How long has he been in the post?

They’re gonna get Ralph back to help :roll_eyes:


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We couldn’t do any worse, could we?

Everyone already knows his tactics. Hoof the long ball up to the big guy up front…. :roll_eyes:

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Thats if he plays tall Paul

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Would be happy if we got Potter in for the rest of the season. Don’t think he’ll keep us up but he’ll get a head start on what he needs for next.


I’d be delighted with Potter too, but surely he wouldn’t stay on once we’re relegated? I can’t see that at all.

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Same and same. I don’t think he’s a short term kind of manager. Would like him, he’s exactly what we need to rebuild an identity, but I can’t see him wanting or needing to drop down to the championship.

Chelsea are a joke and their recruitment strategy created an unworkable and unparalleled situation for him. Other sensible Premier League clubs will acknowledge that and know he hasn’t turned in to a shit manager overnight.

I know Spurs fans who want him and they are still yet to appoint anyone.

Despite their form, Palace are unlikely to extend Hodgson on account of his age.

Basically I think he’ll wait for a premier league job to come available in the summer. We’d have to put one hell of an offer and project in front of him to stand a chance. Rasmus doesn’t strike me as that kind of guy. He’d prefer to appoint somebody straight out of grass roots because their team could defend set pieces.


Bring back 'Arry!!

I’m taking the fucking piss


More like an unwritten rule - because no one would be that fucking daft, would they

Nobody ever mentions the “source” or how they are ITK. It started on Saints web ffs. :roll_eyes:

Thats why its fun!

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Of our last three managers Ralph was clearly the best. He (mostly) had the players’ respect because he thought a lot about the game and communicated complex patterns of play with and without the ball. His problem eventually was that he became too obsessed with systems and “behaviours” against the ball. Attacking lost its importance and creative players lost their freedom. But I think with the right guidance he could have put that right and we’d be staying up. But pressure told and they got rid. That would have been ok if we’d brought in another experienced (at the right level) manager who could understand the complexities of the modern game but still drive and motivate players. There were options available but instead we went for a clown. That is the single biggest reason for our demise. Selles seemed a reasonable idea but he is in fact Ralph-lite. Less tactical awareness, still restricting free play. Maybe it should have been emergency keep-us-up short term manager time. Too late now.

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We would have been in with a shout of staying up with Jesse Marsch. Imagine typing those words and meaning them :exploding_head:

He’d have at least tried to attack teams and win games.

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We’d have had a chance to stay up even with the real Ted Lasso, not just the ex Leeds one