:pl: ⚽ Amazon Coont midweek Special aka Other Games - Round 12 2022/23

Switched on and heard coms say " Lallana unable to put any power behind that." Nothings changed in 16 years.


I detest amazon. Watching the Brighton game now, on my mother’s prime account, it’s taken me 20 minutes to sign the fucking thing in. Followed by accidentally signing out again trying to turn the fucking subtitles off, now I’m watching a game of football where the ball disappears from view any time it gets passed farther than a fucking yard.

(That’s not why I loathe them, amazon are already cunts without that. :rage::rage:)


Did you like the headbutt reel? :smile::smile:

I’m watching on Buffstream. Fuck Amazon.

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Soccer streams have the USA guys. Much better 'taters than UK or the EPL International feed.
And no log in

Amazon is free and no porn ads tbf

You get ads?
For Porn,?
Find me a job, I’m moving back!


If you lose track of the ball tomorrow night, just remember, it probably won’t be in or around the Bournemouth goal.



Sorry, Prime video is “free” for a given value of “free” with your Amazon Membership


Danny Welbeck appears to be waiting till Boxing Day to get his first goal of the season.


Just watch a stream without a vpn or ad blocker - that usually does the trick

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57 minutes gone and Forest have had zero touches in the Brighton box. Impressive.

…or in my case, my mum’s amazon membership :+1::+1::smile:

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Steve Parrish looks as bored as I am. And I’ve been on the piss.

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Oh they’ve had a couple now after a shot that went out for a throw.

We’d still find a way to lose to this lot though.

Fuck me. Traore scored with a header!!!

Lallana off for essential moisterising.


God. Football has become shit to watch these days

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