Actual cheerful nice stories that may give you hope in people

Actual cheerful nice stories that may give you hope in people


Only true SPOTY Candidate imho.




Good lad :laughing:

as my two old mates would say…You have got all the notes but not necessary in the right order :astonished:

Well done the lad and his leader. :smile:

I have been playing with my triangle and my ding a ling since i was 7 and half and not been accepted by any band… :confused:

Mainly with my Ding a Ling to be truthful :innocent:

I can even march in step…sometimes :wink: but not when holding my Ding a Ling :slight_frown:


Great to see Hugo getting credit. Bravo to him and The Times no less for running a story on it.


Is this the cheerful, nice, and slightly smug self-celebratory thread?..

One of my photos taken this morning has proved rather popular on Facebook and currently has been seen by 300,000 people… :astonished:

I think this is my big hit single!

It’s crazy - in a good way.




Well post the picture and you might get 1 or 2 likes.




Yesterday I posted a photo and it reached 322 people…

Today’s photo has currently been seen by 760,000 people in 12 hours…it’s all gone a bit crazy.

UPDATE - it just hit a million. :astonished:


Does Mrs RB know that you got that new low light lens?


Let’s see the photo then…


I reckon I know what the pictures are. Down vote domina studio thread has a clue in it I think.


1.5 million people and 10,000 shares now in 36 hours - you disinterested miserable gits!

Bollocks to your handfuls of upvotes, the public fucking love me.


Matt Le Tiss shared this thread which is worth a read to remind us that sometimes footballers can be decent human beings:


And a huge shout out to Boufal for even thinking to stop!

Kid may have something about him



The story of Rallyboy & the invisible photo must be one of the highlights of Sotonians existence


Has anyone actually seen said picture?


Why of course.

Hell it was right under my post

And then you copied it in your quote.

I’ve posted it again just above this line


Oh, that one…soz D_P

Here it is again in full technicolour this time for anyone who missed it: