😢 😃 Actual cheerful nice stories that may give you hope in people

So the world seems a bit of a confusing place at the moment and at times feels a bit bleak (my job in social care really doesn’t help). We may have a thread already but I can never find old stuff on here. So if it’s a duplicate apologies and Mods sort out my error.

So let’s see if there are nice, warm, fuzzy stories to cheer us up.

My pick today



That’s a lovely story. They are bloody thin on the ground at the moment though. I just looked at my usual news sources and there are none! Even the Humans of New York guy sounds like he’s ready to give up the ghost. :lou_sad:

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Bloke had his bike stolen and left a note on the bike rack at Reading Station explaining what bastards the crooks are and how long it took him to save for it.

He also says I’ll be here at 6pm every night if you want to return it

Woman sees note, says to herself, we’re better than those fuckers and organises a collection - buys him new bike and meets him there to help him.

The rest of the money goes to a bike charity which he will now support.

Most people are bastards and a few are cunts - but her and her friends are nice, and so is he, and if the crooks die of a heroin overdose as well, it’s a happy ending for everyone. :smile:


Oooh, I finally found a nice story!

And, oh the irony, he’s from Pompey… Proves everyone can be nice when they try!

Portsmouth builder helps rogue trader victims


He’s got himself a good few thousand pounds worth of free advertising there. He’s clearly exploiting the situation and in many ways is worse than the original workman. Makes me sick.


I’m actually phoning them tomorrow to thank them and him for that, what a guy.


What’s really bad is he is undercutting all that cheap immigrant labour out their. If this continues you won’t be able to find a cheap polish plumber anywhere. Tosser


So, I knew a brother and sister who got it on. Fucking sick #inceststories

Ah, hang on, I read the tag wrong.


Personally, even though I should be over the moon at the moment, I am finding the whole world very depressing, and the thought of my kids having to live in this fucked up world is really worrying.

Can you please try and keep it light on the cheerful stories thread.

Sorry @fatso

I think @chertsey-saint should be Guested from the nice stories thread…

But you can stay if you tell us a nice story about your new baby!

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Especially if the thing is asleep.


Just as long as it omits how closely related you are to the mother


Not a story but it did bring a smile to my lips. Tesco’s bake this amzing cranberry, raisin and cashew nut bloomer. Just had a couple of slices with a slab of butter. Sheer bliss! If people can create something so delicious, then there is hope after Trump afterall.

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I love this story and I like it more because it was done in a cancer hospital, for the staff.

A note was left on a vending machine at a cancer hospital in Manchester asking people to help themselves to free treats.

Staff at The Christie found the anonymous note on Sunday on a machine where the tray had been left full of paid-for snacks.
The donor said they hoped the “random act of kindness” would “brighten up someone’s day”.
Nurse Emma Widdowson said: “It made me feel so happy I was beaming all day.”
“Who doesn’t want choccie on a Sunday?” she added.
Health care assistant Lauren Hunstone said: “It just perked up everyone’s day that someone would do something so lovely out of the goodness of their own heart, not wanting to take any sort of thanks.”


Liked that to… great simple idea :wink:

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Little bit thoughtless if people are on a diet, IMO.

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No one is forcing them to eat. A little bit of will power goes a long way. Same as all this bollocks about bringing cakes into work… don’t fucking eat them if you do not fuckingbwant them!!!

Minimum wage staff members, getting some free treats, fantastic gesture.