Actual cheerful nice stories that may give you hope in people

Actual cheerful nice stories that may give you hope in people



Thanks Steve



I have looked after the month old grand kid all weekend whilst Mother and Son in law have a weekend away with the two older grand kids who were getting very jealous of the attention shown to the baby.

He has been absolutely fine its just like you never forget that waking up at 3 in the morning to feed the baby is not normal.

Getting the other half to agree that crying is one way for the baby to exercise his lungs is another matter though.


Chapecoense Win game

The Brazilian team that lost most of its players and officials in last years air crash win their first game in the Copa Libertadores

Good luck to them.


This cheered me up.

Awful woman Loses Twitter Libel Case


My place has got quite a few superstars that are only earning minimum wage.

So the bosses have created a load of new roles for them which pay more.


Mrs G’s birthday bash this weekend so I trotted off to International Foods in Portswood today to bag a load of lamb for the bbq.

Bit of a queue at the halal counter but I eventually got to the front and explained to Mr Butcher that I was bbq-ing for approx 50 people for Mrs’s 50th and so would need a fuckton of meat.

Meat bagged and priced I continued winding my way around the aisles, picking up a few other bits and pieces before joining the queue at the checkout.

When the guy in front had finished paying he turned around and gave me 2 big trays of baclava saying “For your good wife’s birthday sir! I hope you have a lovely party.”

What an absolute diamond. To be fair he was pretty brown so I was expecting him to scream at me for being an infidel or something like wot the Daily Mail says is true.

I almost blubbed.


Portswood Police looking for Arabic gent and old English gent in relation to a lorry load of Baklava nicked.

The old English gent may only be a handler and collecting same from a team at International Foods store in Portswood. :cool:


I have spoken to my American friend and he says the Russians did it…so you may be in the clear Goatboy :astonished:


I’d forgotten about this thread.

Why did he give you balaclava’s?


So nobody can tell who made the party go with a bang?




Steve, you old softie you!




I’ve just come across this thread on Twitter, basically a dad asked if people could say happy birthday to his 9 year old son as a bully at school was making him feel worthless, be prepared to be an emotional wreck after reading the replies.


Definitely not cheerful, but well done Jermain. Other footballers / “celebrities’” could learn a few things from his example of simple humanity.


I notice les reed didn’t tweet him. Typical.


Arnie is so cool. His films are shit these days but always doing cool stuff for other people :lou_smiley:




As a postscript:

Certain other footballers should take a bit of time out and reflect on this.