🔥 You're going to hell, dude

:fire: You're going to hell, dude


Thanks for clarifying the thread Ted, but if Bletch is involved then he’s probably having (or trying to have) sex with something (allegedly) while being sartorially challenged at the same time…


Resurrected! Which is not necessarily something you’d associate with hell. Anyway, I found this handy list on Facebook.

I’d say a lot of us are going to hell on this “evidence”.


I scored three, anybody beat that?


…just looked closer, make that four.


Obama makes it in as a Racist?
Would like to see this year’s version!


Come on we can do better than that I got six easy enough


Do we have to name them?


I got 2, no make that 3




Damm you. I only managed 11.
Must try harder. Any advice?




If Gina Carano is going to hell I want to go too.


Ankle biters? Like, small children? Based on this list Jesus really is an asshole.