🔥 You're going to hell, dude

:fire: You're going to hell, dude


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Is that the Bigelow film? Not seen it yet, but heard it’s good. Probably better than Fahrenheit 9/11.

I thought she was enough of a propagandist when making the Hurt Locker. She was one of the film makers that Frankie Boyle presumably refers to, when talking about how our war films are really about how _our _feelings were hurt, never mind all the people being killed by us.

Still haven’t seen Zero Dark Thirty, and don’t intend to. I am amazed that any director touched it, but am happy that it was Bigelow that ended up taking the gig.

No point in having two directors permanently off the artistic roll call.


Ha, not seen Hurt Locker either. Not films that interest me in all honesty. Very rare you get non- politicised war films and personally I like to make my own choice how I feel about things.


Most war films are propaganda of a certain sort, but you can do a decent job if you have a bit of historical distance. Look at all the ‘Nam films that were made in the 1980s. Could you have made those films in 1969? Could they have examined the US’ role quite as critically?

History needs distance which she’s just not interested in. The worst thing is that the Hurt Locker is actually very well shot. It just happens to be glorifying the illegal occupation that followed a pre-emptive aggressive invasion.

  1. Liverpool fans with no connection to Liverpool
  2. Depleting the various massives of many local clubs. Endangering the environment with air travel. Plopping into the general shit that is talkSPORT.
  3. Reliving the nearly season forever, except each night, having nightmares that Gerrard will slip on his arse in a game against Chelsea, or that Brendan Rodgers would actually try to win the subsequent game 8-0 (to hilarious effect). They will never fully remember this dream, but when the moments hit - Stevie G goes arseward; Brendan goes for 8 goals, the pain multiplies every time they witness the events.

I think I’d make a good keeper of Hell. Any jobs going?


#2 is what makes talkSHITE so great. Why would you take that from us?


I’m not taking it from you, dude. Just saying, once they’re done with this world, they go onto that.

'Sake :lou_facepalm_2:

  1. The Kardashians (inc Kanye).

  2. The endless drivel TV shows re their lives / sex tapes / clothing ranges / models.

  3. They would continue to try and get our attention but be eternally ignored by us all and live in poverty with no bling bling.

  1. Bernard Matthews

  2. For making vile and disgusting ‘food’ and doing adverts in a really stoopid accent.

  3. Live forever as one of his own turkeys. It wouldn’t take long for him to be wishing for Christmas.


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  1. Bernard Matthews

  2. For making vile and disgusting ‘food’ and doing adverts in a really stoopid accent.

  3. Live forever as one of his own turkeys. It wouldn’t take long for him to be wishing for Christmas.

The man feted as knowing how to “sell the whole turkey”.



And all the racist comedy…

  1. Russel Brand

  2. For being an unbearable narcissistic tosser

  3. Being locked in a room for eternity without any women or mirrors with only a copy of My Booky Wook for company.


Well, you don’t have to worry about him anymore. He gave up doing the Trews a little while ago, is apparently on a mission of learning, and will be back with us once he has his epiphanies.



ps Best war film ever - All Quite On The Western Front.


He’s a twat that’ll phone your cat.

For money, like.

I guess all publicity is good publicity.


I. My Mother

  1. She said so as it would be more fun.

  2. Me to meet my mother.

  1. My neighbour

  2. For yet again complaining about our plans for an extension to the side of our house (which is 20m away from his property and doesnt affect him one jot).

  3. Tied to a chair. Covered in Pedigree Chum and eaten by his own dogs.


SOG what is his objection ?

if unreasonable the council will pass the permission anyway.

Or just do build it anyway.

By the time he has complained and the council invoked some archaic law you will have moved or god forbid passed on so win win .


It is a bit tricky as we are in a conservation area in a Grade 2 listed cottage but the Parish Council are onside as are all the other neighbours. When the bloke first moved in we told him of our plans and he didnt have a problem with them. He even said he wasnt bothered about seeing them although I said I would make sure he was happy with them anyway. Then things changed. He accused us of getting the other villagers to shun him and his wife (although he couldnt provide us with any evidence of this) and put up a 7m fence (for which he needed planning permission but didnt apply for) between our properties, erected a double garage between our properties (which he did apply for planning and we didnt object) and also put 24 solar panels in his garden (which we did object to do to their position but the council alllowed him to go ahead anyway). We have put in two planning applications and he has taken it upon himself to make sure we dont get it. I would give the grounds of his objection but it is like War & Peace! The only plus side is that what he has written makes it obvious that his has a personal grudge against us. He even blamed us for damage to the brickwork of the property caused by a vine. The vine has been present here for over 100 years, we have the pictures to prove it! Our architect says that the planners will not take any notice of him, just as they didnt take any notice of the Parish Council who support us. Even so, it is galling that this unpleasant twat is clearly on a mission to make sure we dont get our extension. What he doesnt know is that we have been offered a single story extension anyway so he will have to suck that up if we dont get what we want. The two story extension is more in keeping with the property but being listed and in a conservation area we know we have a battle on our hands.

(The twat also supports WetSpam so I am looking forward to us knocking 4 past them as everyone else seems to be doing so!).


John Redwood

Cos he’s the slimiest, nastiest, obnoxious, most disagreeable fuckpig cunt of recent times.

Chained to railings around Trafalgar Square, naked, covered with treacle and bird feed and left to the pigeons*. Daily top ups of treackle and bird feed required.

* we actually did this to a mate in Berlin on his stag night. Very funny although I did get briefly arrested for trying to smuggle the handcuffs through Tegel airport on the way back.


Why do you need to smuggle handcuffs they are not illegal? hold lugagge never a problem.