🍵 🍞 Your perfect tea and toast combination

A number and a letter please…


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never drink tea, only coffee

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I would say “there’s always one”, but knowing Sotonians, I’ll get some more cute responses.

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Me as well have never drunk tea only black coffee with 3 sugars.

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leave out the sugar, plain black coffee is best


I fucking give up.



I’m not eating bread at the moment.


Traditional bread only for me - made with just water, flour, salt, yeast. Actually pretty rare in supermarkets.

And non dairy milk. Sort it out Bletch

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Me neither, but if I was back on the toast it would be 3

I find now if I do have bread, I can feel it working through my innards…

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This is an excellent topic and thread.

3B for me with double toast and butter.

4 is for toast
Tea is the devil’s seamen

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None of the cups of tea looks quite right, but E is closest. I drink tea in the Orwellian style - strong enough to stand the spoon up in it - but with a fair amount of milk. If there’s one thing I can’t stand* it’s weak tea.

* Actually, there are plenty more things that I can’t stand.

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Are you quear?


Actually, I’m a sourdough toast bloke by preference.

The sliding scale of acceptable sourdough offerings is…

  1. Lidl’s own sourdough loaf
  2. Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference, San Francisco style sourdough loaf
  3. Tesco sourdough bloomer

That said I will slum it with a thick-sliced white bread piece of buttered toast - but I’ll feel dirty for weeks.



Mother Pride. White. Sliced. Burnt. The toast of champions.

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Well, I look like a quair, and I sound like a quair, but on the other hand I am married. But then Bunny’s married, and he’s the most incorrigible old quair. So I think I probably am a quair.


My best mate (sorry @Fatso) once did some brilliant drunken philosophy involving toast.

Holding a piece of sliced white, he says “see this. This is bread. But if I put it in the toaster, it becomes toast. And if I throw that toast in the bin, it becomes rubbish”

Makes you think, doesn’t it? :smiley:


It’s Quare.

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