(Yet) Another login test for the new forum

(Yet) Another login test for the new forum


Thanks all for your help - especially @fatso for representing that part of any community that refuses to help out but reserves the right to moan like fuck when things go wrong.



As for the rest of you, 15 people could be arsed to log in, most used their existing password - with success, 2 people used the password reset email and all succeeded.

I’m happy that we’re in as good a shape as possible to move over.


now start the next 2 match threads as i cant be arsed to try and find the names


I become less abusive when cunted


I know it’s been said already by @undefined but you’re a legend Dan. I can’t imagine how much of your time you’ve had to spend sorting this out.

You’ll not be surprised by the individuals who are waiting to piss on your parade but at the same time wouldn’t have the where-with-alls to give up their own time.

Great job on the new system and I’m looking forward to trying it out no matter how weird it will be compared to the current.



CD 4 Bletch :lou_is_a_flirt:

Forum Romance :lou_wink_2:


I think one can very much appreciate the effort and time spent on such things as this by those dedicated to delivering it… but given that these things are intended to be appealing to as broad a ‘church’ as possible to keep it vibrant, interesting and well used, I believe users should be honest and free to critique where they see fit. Yes its all subjective, and in many cases down to personal taste, but its fair to provide fair input… and Bletch is old and ugly enough to put up with the miserable scrotes telling him his new pad is could do with some mods… maybe a pot plant here and there, a nice rug and a 1970s small lounge ‘bar’, maybe with a straw donkey brought back from Tossa del Mar from that 7 nights all inclusive in 1981. Poor yourself a Bacardi and chill


no need for this duplication… was not me


Fuck its like fookin rabbits


fook… what is going on there?


Ask beltch he is playing with the system


Not guilty.

Hmmm, the duplicated post is either down to @areloa-grandee on a FRIDAY night, or me.

I know where my money is.