(Yet) Another login test for the new forum

(Yet) Another login test for the new forum


Once I eventually remembered my password I was in and can see messages.


‘Incorrect or not recognised username, or password’

Was entered correctly as here


Well I managed to log in

It might take a bit of getting used to akin to windows 10.


are the avatars like a fruit machine if you get three in a row do you win a prize?


Yeah, you get a special badge “Smart Arse 2018”.

BTW any of the badges you’ve been given on here will be available there and you can use the badge name as your official title.

For example I am currently “Best dressed mess 2016” over there.

Glad you could log in and you’re right it will take some getting used to but I passionately believe it’ll be worth it.


Could you try one of two things, Chutters?

Either use the password reset option there when you try to log in (I forgot my password)


(be careful here) log out from here and try to login in again to confirm the password here is correct. If you can’t log back in send me a text (number via pm).


We are going all Techno and yet rely on text messages, not even What’s App?

What a weird world this is


Can we also have Group badges. I can award people a badge if they join my Group, that would be cool.

I can have a “People who want to join a Group but can’t get an invitation to join any other Group, Group”

I’m loving the new forum already and I’m not even there (but I did log in for a sneaky download …)


It’s that weird inside button on a flap of material you get on (a good pair of) suit trousers that resolutely sits there as the third line of defence after both belt and braces have failed.

If my password converter and the password reset email fails then I’ll pick up the pieces over SMS.

I will be publishing that text number online over the migration but fear not, dual SIM phone and a £5 SIM from GiffGaff.


I dun logged in…eventually. Having two IDs and two different passwords I reverted to my normal username and password and it foolishly accepted.

Can you delete my alter-ego… ie lifeintheslowlane 1 @saintbletch




On using the the 'Reset password, I get a ‘No account matches that user name on Areola Grandee’ - I have been banned before it goes live, despite sending Bletch a picture of my naked cock to his his mobile as he insisted… be warned folks!


I am offshore of course my Arse is Smarting :lou_is_a_flirt:


Did he insist all the other times as well?


He now has the full set and can create a full body collage… I will soon be an internet meme


We had to change some user names slightly.

You’re now


either that or we replaced the space with a dash.


Can you try again?


It would appear that it works when I add a cunting ‘dash/hyphen’ fucker to it… which cunt thought that was a good idea? Not only that but a get a mesage from a fucking arse-wart riddled robot and another 400 messages saying some cunts found my posts fucking offensive so they would not be posted… cunts


Took me bloody ages to write those 400 messages.


N0w we know what the C stands for :lou_is_a_flirt: :lou_wink_2:


Fuck me, it’s not even Friday night yet…