(Yet) Another login test for the new forum

(Yet) Another login test for the new forum


Hi all, could I have a few people to test logging into the new, new Sotonians site?

Don’t worry too much about things that don’t look right at the moment, I’m only really interested in two things:

  • Can you log in or get a password reset link

  • Can you see your old private messages

So if you KNOW your current password on here or you are happy to ask for a password reset email, please try to log in at:


The data was taken at about this time (20:30) last night.

I’m specifically interested in the exploits of @fatso *, @lifeintheslowlane and @lets-b-drinking as you knew your password but weren’t able to log in.

I believe I may have solved this.

*This might not have been true of Fatso but it’s fun to get you to stuff with little or no importance so why don’t you have a go?


I don’t know my password and can’t log in


Prise the lard! I done logged in!


Fatstuff, I know you didn’t know your current password so have you tried asking for a password reset email?


Private messages there?


In sheer to your questions

Yes and yes





That’s put my mind at rest.

For a horrible moment, I thought we might have to endure you on the new Sotonians.


Fuck …what happened there… clicked on that link and was transported to some weird alternatve reality… was like parallel universe only hiddiously busy and confusing… I appreciate the work and the desire to utilise the latest capabilities… but IMHO simplicity is what makes these things useable… not the abilty to use/see every possible piece of tech… sorry, but this is not some luddite shit, but the thing about being a consultant is that its always about making complex things simply to understand and use… not as a platform for geeky/nerdy stuff… just saying like…


Yeah, fuck that.

Could you log in?


Hi @undefined , I tried to log in and it came up with

Your account hasn’t been approved yet. You will be notified by email when you are ready to log in.

I think that means I’m in the Group which isn’t allowed to be in the Group which decided all the members of the Group, Group ?





This was a blessing I think


What was the problem in logging in, Chutters?

Can you expand on what you did and what went wrong?


Although I quite like the new place I do have some sympathy with @areloa-grandee .

Less busy is where you need to go @saintbletch .

My concern is that the busyness of the new place isn’t going to drive new uptake in membership and maybe drive away existing luddites.

Hey, what do I know? Even I’ll get fully used to it eventually.



Here’s the thing. You’re not actually approved to post here in current sotonians world.

You’re never been approved here so I didn’t approve you when your details were taken to the new system.

How strange. What have you done, @saint-cd ? You some sort of hacker type?

You’re approved now, try again.


I’m IN. Not just IN but IN IN.

Now to hatch my plans for Sotonians domination …

All good Dan.



Is that similar to prising your wallet off you. Or is it missing again?


Oh and I’m allowed on this site, so something has gone seriously wrong in Technoworld.


That’s the best news I’ve had in a week!

It’s not that I care for you Kenny, or even that I’m a little sentimental about helping old people to get online.

It just that it means I’ve probably fixed the problem we had with people logging in.

Now I just need @lifeintheslowlane to tell me he can log in and I’ll be happy that anyone that knows their current password will be able to log in, or they can ask for a password reset email or they can send me a text.