XXXXXXmas Embargo on please

…until at least 10th December, then we can declare open season. When I was a kid we never put up XXXXXXmas decorations until the 10th.

Please do not use the word XXXXXXmas or XXXs or YXXe.



A heartwarming, yet slightly self-defeating plea.

You realise you’ve unwittingly started the festive talk? :lou_lol:


How long before someone says XXXX off you XXXXing scrooge?

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Merry Christmas John!


Ahh…thanks Goat…can I be the first to say at this festive time…XXXX OFF!


Now I do not normally open my Christmas order book until 1st November. But moved up to Cumbria at the end of July and I shit you not, I was getting requests for Christmas orders in the last week of August!!! I had to put a post up on my Facebook page and website to say the Christmas order book was open in the fist week of September! It did make me feel a little sick, well until the order book was full in a week, then I got over it, with a money fight!

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Has the new John Lewis ad made you cry, lifeintheslowlane? Is that what this is all about?

Savile looks much less creepy without the tracksuit.


Yes Lou…the missus and I sat down and watched it on this very screen this morning.

Jacqui said…hrumph…Poor bugger still ended up by himself on the moon. :lou_sad:

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Fuck that Coke truck off. Anyone who says its apropos of anything festive needs to be fucking run over by it.


Mmmmmm Coke!

Hang on I never drink the stuff! It was more for the adverts, but please do not put a damper on Christmas with bringing up the ‘real’ meaning!

Thoroughly agree. Check out Killer Coke to see what shits they are.

But Coke own Christmas - and football…

So I look forward to welcoming a truck full of fizzy slurry to my town.

Interesting link, ta.

That is what is so annoying about the brainwashed people on Facebook that see the Coke truck as some herald of the festive season.

“Ooh! I’ve just been marketed to by a corporate menace with a jingly tune and a festively furnished 18-wheeler. That’s the magic of the season!”.


THE story of Jesus’s birth now includes a large red lorry with corporate branding, it has been confirmed.

A Bible sponsorship deal means the three wise men now officially travelled to the stable of Christ’s birth in a heavily-branded lorry bearing gifts of Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero


Originally posted by @Coxford_lou

Has the new John Lewis ad made you cry, lifeintheslowlane? Is that what this is all about?

The best thing about this is the poor guy on Twitter that gets barraged with mentions at this time of year.

Step forward, Mr John Lewis.

His tweets from the last couple of days are an absolute treat.

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Deserves to. Matt Damon managed to have a much better time on Mars (miles XXXXing further away) without any glittery presents.

People who post the John Lewis advert, or just generally comment on it have been added to my list of people that get deleted on facebook.


I think I’ve just puked in my mouth a little…

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