Xbox or PlayStation?

Xbox or PlayStation?


Playstation, no competition.




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This has been a computer game since the 1980s. I remember owning the C64 version. The modern versions are less hassle than the actual boardgame.

However, seeing as you’ve stuck your head above the parapet just to express your love for the analogue, and there’s no harm in that, I have a specific “halfway house” recommendation for you. Tabletop Simulator. It’s a physics sandbox which just simulates a table. It neither knows nor cares the rules of any games you’re playing. It just knows how things move.


Why in the name of all that is holy would I want to simulate a table? Miranda Kerr? Yes. Table? No.


Unless I can simulate Miranda Kerr on the table?


To play board games against people from anywhere in the world. I know. It’s tremendously analogue, which is why I thought it might be a good stepping stone.


Fuck me , I only play board games because I’m forced to when wife/relatives want to be ‘traditional’.

Or I want to show off.

Otherwise I’ll stick to Tube Galore like normal.


If you like Street Fighter, there is only one console choice.

I would just like to say that I called this on TSW in 2013 or early 2014 at the latest. Not this exact game, but third parties either not releasing stuff on PS4 or not making it a priority. The XBox One has just got Rocket League, released six months ago on PS4.

Fair play to their fanbase. Stoic and loyal. I remember deluding myself in similar ways during the final days of the Amiga.


The era of one console lasting an entire generation is over, says Microsoft, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer suggesting we could see a more powerful Xbox One console this generation.

“In other [consumer technology] ecosystems you get more continuous innovation in hardware that you rarely see in consoles because consoles lock the hardware and software platforms together at the beginning and they ride the generation out for seven years or so,” said Spencer at press event in San Francisco last week and reported by The Guardian. “We’re allowing ourselves to decouple our software platform from the hardware platform on which it runs.”

Bullshit-to-English translation: We fucked our hardware offering up and need to do another one.


No Mans sky does look awesome , have preordered it


Only real Xbox title I’ve ever been jealous of was Halo. I used to get playstations beause they tended to have exclusivity over the final fantasy games and they were my all time favourite. Think it only started becoming multi console at 13 but I may be wrong.

As games are usually multi console there really isn’t an awful lot to choose between them other than brand loyaly and for me the PS controller has always felt much much nicer in the hand than the Xbox ones


Thing is, Bungie aren’t doing Halo anymore. It’ll be like Nintendo not doing Zelda.


I’m still a destiny addict despite it not being perfect. I understand why people slag it off bu t ther ei s still a ton of content there and I’ve had my monies worth many times over.

I have a 360 (not had long)so may look at someof the old halo titles one of these days


Got a free copy of Destiny from our new overlords a few weeks ago.

The irony of them sending us copies of “The Taken King” edition wasn’t lost. Haven’t actually opened it yet, doesn’t seem my sort of thing.

The Halo games never did a huge amount for me. Like the CoD games, it’s mostly about the Online play. Nowt wrong with that, but not really my bag (plus I’m useless at shooters).

That said, one series I did like on 360 (shooters no less!) were the Gears of War games. Story mode, and online co-op were quite enjoyable.


Give it a spin KRG, I’d never really played FPS before but enjoyed this as it had a decent story to it ( especially the expansion) and the gameplay is wonderful. Its not all about onlineplay at all - PvP is a tiny part of it and the supers /subclassess etc keep it sci fi rather than CoD which I really don’t like


This is, potentially, an interesting development.

Xbox opens microsoft Rocket League servers to players on other platforms.

May eliminate the "but all my friends are on ‘y’ ", dilemma. If, of course, this catches on.


I’d see this as a continuation of Microsoft’s new strategy, based on their current thinking and not on all the stuff they thought/wished would happen back when they were hawking an inferior piece of technology at a higher price than the PS4.

That all said, it’s still a surprising move. The XBox One may be significantly behind the PS4 in terms of sales, but it’s still got the second best console sales of all time, for this stage in its lifetime. XBox Live has been a key driver in many of those sales, so it is weird to see them open some of their games up to play with PC.

I don’t think it’s that compelling for the XBoner anyway. Hey kids, you can play with PC owners now too, except they’ll have super-resolution, multiple control options, and you’ll be slumming it on this blurry piece of crap which runs a lot of its games at sub-HD.


This could just as easily go in the VR thread, but it’s probably more significant here, as it shows one of the big points of difference moving forward.

PS4 VR, coming in October. Personally, I’m not sure that the machine is powerful enough, but if they nail it, they nail consumer VR.


I outlined my scepticism on the VR thread, so won’t bore you all senseless again.

I do think one of the keys to it taking off (at least in gaming) will be a successful tie in with a console. PS4 is probs the best bet, but we’'ll see.


Going well this, announce it at £350.

Then mention, oh but you need this camera. That’ll be an extra £40.

Oh, and you need move controllers. Cough up some more.