🕹 🎮 Xbox or PlayStation?

My eldest wants a console for Christmas, but she is unsure between Xbox and PlayStation. Which one would you choose and why?

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Oh oh standby for a complete onslaught by Playststion Pap…

I’ve got an old SNES collecting dust. Comes with Mario cart. What more could she want. :wink:


Can’t be arsed. I’ve already spoken at length on the issue.

I tell you what it would be worth it just to see her face!

I was thinking of wrapping up my original PlayStation or my Atari 2600 (wooden one) ha ha ha.


PS4/Apple - for fanboy arsewipes

I have an Xbox One but primarily as most of my mates have one so makes sense for online play. Really not that much difference between them unless you like arguing for the sake or arguing.

I have no idea. Never played an Xbox and have not played the PlayStation since the original.

My daughter is the one who cannot choose. She will be 14 next month.

I backed the wrong horse last gen as virtually everything ran better on the 360, but the PS4 has the upper hand this time around in terms of horsepower and the optimisation of most games. Sony really got their shit together for the current gen. The ‘free’ games you get with PS+ (an annual subscription required for online play) are generally better/cover wider ground than Microsoft’s Games With Gold selection (which are equally ‘free’ with an Xbox Live subscription).

The PS4 is less capable as a media hub, but who doesn’t have a piece of hardware capable of handling streaming etc. by now? Also the Share Play option (play local multiplayer games with friends over the Internet, or let them take control of your game) is unrivalled. Screenshot and video sharing options are superior on PlayStation in my humble opinion.

Viewpoints on which console has the best controller are very much split. For a 14 year old I shouldn’t think it’ll make the world of difference.

Going on the prices I’ve seen recently (and offers on HotUKDeals) you should find that PS4s are coming up marginally cheaper. That’ll clinch a lot of sales this Christmas too I’m sure.


I got a ps4 and I’m wavering on that decision at the moment.

Granted, I’m pretty pissed off about Fallout 4 taking over 10 hours to install.

Also, backwards compatibility on the xbox one is a good thing. Poor from both they didn’t have it from the start, but one of them is doing something about it now.

Don’t love that Tomb Raider has a one year exclusivity period on xbox.

And, yeah it’s a better media hub, which isn’t a bad thing.

Worth asking what games your daughter likes, and choosing based on that. Wii U has some great games. I’m tempted to get one myself, damn I want to have a go on Super Mario Maker.

…That’s pretty sad, isn’t it? I’m considering spending money (a not particularly small amount either) on a bit of kit so I can do what I do as a job for fun.

My son (16) has both and has had for 18 -24 months. Minted ex-wife to blame. The PS4 gathers dust, the Xbox One has been used extensively. He loves the “easier” online multiplayer experience, the camera / face recognition/ voice control and uses it as much as a media hub, as he does for games. He tells me that 75% of his mates have the Xbox so thats another tick.

I have only played on the Xbox 360 so cant offer personal experience but hope the above helps.

Originally posted by @Bucks

the camera / face recognition/ voice control

Just a quick note that you can do this with the PS4 as well, with the additional purchase of the PlayStation Camera. But then the Kinect camera doesn’t come with the Xbox One unless bought in a specific bundle these days so it’s much of a muchness really.

Go and see the difference between Fallout 4 on the PS4 and XBox One and you’ll see a huge difference, tearing and stutter being the main things. The PS4 is simply a better machine, no ifs or buts, software is another issue but games like TLOU will piss all over what XBox has to offer, I have never been tempted to buy one.

Playstation by far. Actually seems this is something I agree with Pap on.

When XBox Live was first released, it really blew me away. Up until that point, netcode on PC games had been hit and miss. This was fucking seamless, relatively speaking. I maintained a Gold live subscription for years, and as many people will attest, I’m not a console fanboy. I completely accept that I’m going to get done every time Nintendo makes a console, because you can only get certain games there, every time that Sony releases one, and until recently, every time Microsoft released something. This is after guffawing like fuck when they announced their intent to make a console, and having to eat a lot of humble pie when I finally saw an original XBox running. Still one of my favourite consoles; I have two in the house, along with two 360s.

Barring hugely expensive novelties like the Neo Geo, I have historically treated consoles like a trainer treats Pokemon. Gotta catch them all. I still do not have an XBox One. The last time a console shaped surplus appeared in my budget, I actually bought another PS4. Juvenile Unit #1 has the original.

Completely accept that if you have all your friends on XBox Live, a One is a good move, and FWIW, I’m not far off the tipping point where the amount of exclusive content makes it a worthwhile purchase (bear in mind that I am not a Halo geek). However, I’ve got a bunch of friends that simply never moved off Sony during Microsoft’s ascendance, including most of my family. During the 360 age, that really was to their detriment. The relative complexity of the PS3 compared to the 360 meant that the PS3 was a poor cousin when comparing cross platform efforts.

Nowadays, PS4 is best for cross platform, Wii U has the best exclusives (Nintendo, innit?). The XBox One has some great exclusives, many more than the PS4 has, but they’re not all Triple A.

To ant’s comment about media; if you’re not using Kodi to do media, you’re doing it wrong.

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I’m getting that way with Xbox, pap. There’s a lot of stuff there I want to play, but can’t. A big one for me is Ori & The Blind Forest. Grew up on platformers, and still to this day nothing beats a good platformer for me. A god damn is this game beautiful

…Yes, it is also on pc. But I havn’t got one of fucking them either.

Originally posted by @pap

To ant’s comment about media; if you’re not using Kodi to do media, you’re doing it wrong.

I’m generally still putting discs in to watch films and a HDMI cable into my laptop to watch football - I claim nothing in the way of media-streaming expertise!

I’m not necessarily talking about streaming. If there is a better media player full stop, I’d like to know about it. Runs on almost everything. Our media centre is a Raspberry Pi2 :slight_smile:

Good articles from Kotaku on the state of various consoles.

This is a laugh. Conversation between a disgruntled XBox One owner and Phil Spencer, head of XBox.



The CrapGamer@ The_CrapGamer

@ XboxP3 And sad to say, I cancelled my Quantum Break pre-order as I said I would. You weren’t up front on QB going to PC.

Phil Spencer@ XboxP3 Feb 11

@ The_CrapGamer You cancelled a pre-order for a game you want to play because someone else get’s to play the game on Windows?

Nolan? :lou_sunglasses:

Tempted to get a PS4 just for No Man’s Sky. Jealous.