Would you want Mark Hughes to carry on as saints manager?

This report claims he has player support

So would you want him to continue in the role?

  • No either way
  • Only if we get relegated
  • Only if we stay up
  • Yes either way

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Yes. If we had been playing the same way since December we would not be in the shit position we are now in. It was blindingly obvious at Christmas that Pellegrino had lost the plot, should have been sacked then. The pricks in charge waited until March before admitting what everybody else knew was the case, ie, he was totally out of his depth and didn’t have a jar of glue. Then a panic appointment, lets be honest, there weren’t too many options but Sparky was probably the best available. Personally my choice would have been Barry Sanchez, stripped to the waist, oiled down, a straightener between Bazza and Sparky for the job. My money would be on the mighty Bazza. But i may well be wrong. And i may well be pissed. Oh deary deary me.


I think I’d rather have Hughes than Barry Sanchez. Personally I’ve seen enough improvement to be happy with Hughes when we’re in the championship (I’m not going to dream about staying up because of the pain if we go down…but if we do stay up then we should bin Hughes off and get some suave foreigner in who wears a scarf well)


Yes. Job should be offered. Would he want to manage in the Championship though? I like what he has done for the team and club. That rip into Moss was hilarious and was what everyone thinks about him. Especially the bits about still catching his breath. Gold, pure gold :lou_lol:


He has got more out of these players than the previous 2 incumbents. I was originally in the "what do we want that useless cunt for " camp but have come around to see that he can get some good work out of the players we have, and lets face it if we stay up we are still not going to spend a fortune on new players, so he will basically be working with what we already have minus Betrand and Cedric who I think will leave. and the youth teams.


I vote yes. BUT.

I would want clear indications that he had no direct input into player recruitment at Stoke. He said he tried to get many of our signings but ended up with players there who make Carrillo look world class.

But to see how we now score goals breaking at pace and to see Redmond with the leash off is the only highlight of this season.

He has got us playing something resembling football at last


I would say yes

I am a bit concerned about the on pitch discipline. We have certainly become much more dirty, which could be a deliberate thing with regards to trying to get through the last few games, but I would hate for it to become our modus operandi.

Wait until we sign that “dominant CB” we need in the summer…



Initially I was hesitant about Mr Hughes but he has shown that he can get teh team playing the way we know they can.

I say keep him…

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A provisional yes.

But I might feel differently at 10pm this evening.

Football fans. Fickle.


Agreed Pap - but provisionally the opposite

Fickle and contrary



Are you chutney ferret in disguise?

Well boys and girls, what about now?

I’d say he’s earned his chance. Passion, pride and fire, what else does one want from a manager?

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Nicer hair.


At least he has a full head! Nice it may not be but its a good growths worth

Exactly, it can be styled…whereas a bald man will always be a bald man (unless he wears a wig or has a hair transplant).

I’d like to see him do a duet with Tom Jones before making a final decision about his future.

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What’s you say now @pap ?

If Mark Hughes keeps us up he has a contract, It would be pretty awful PR to sack him at this point.


His hair is plus point, it’s full and vibrant for a man of his age.


We could do with not having yet another change. Yes for me.

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