⚽ ⬇ Would you consider taking any players from the relegation fodder?

Right, so 2 part question here.

If you had to choose a “favourite 2nd team” from :burnleyfc: or :cardiffcityfc: to avoid relegation, who would you choose AND out of the 2 already relegated teams, is there anyone you would sign?

I think the better footballing team is Burnley, so yeah, that’s who I would like to stay up out of the two.

I reckon either Mooy (slight Aussie bias there but it’s about time we had another Aussie other than that twat Slater to don the Saints shirt) or Todd Cairney but not both as they do pretty much the same thing. Possibly Cairney as he is a lefty.


Fuck off Cardiff don’t care who else stays up.
And Mitrovic we need a striker

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I think I want Cardiff to go down, their owners milked the sympathy from the Sala incident and now that it has calmed down are saying they don’t want to pay for him, digusting behaviour so they can fuck off back to the championship.

I think Mitrovic could do a job for us, and Schurrle is wasted at Fulham also.


Cardiff, Colin Wanker is the only reason I need…


Cardiff to go down please. The premier League doesn’t need teams that take free kicks in their own half as an opportunity to send the centre backs up.



Anyone but us to go down - don’t really care.

Andre Schurrle from Fulham? Might be worth a punt if a Germanic manager can get something out of him?


Cardiff can go down for all i care. I like Cairney and Schurrle from Fulham as well as Seri (pre Fulham days though) and Mitrovic. Mooy, Pritchard and Billing from 'Uddersfield are OK but we’ve got those positions covered, so only back up there.

Realistically, only Schurrle and Mitrovic would add to our squad depth.


I never liked Mitrovic anyway he’s shit.

‘‘Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande also want Mitrovic and are willing to meet Fulham’s £50m asking price and pay the forward £300,000-a-week. (Sunday Express)’’

They are a massive team in Asia. Can totally afford that one and then some. If my memory serves correct, Sven may have managed them at one point or could have been Lippi. Could be wrong on that one though

Well, like us :burnleyfc: seem to have gotten themselves out of the dog fight that is a relegation run in.

So, it’s now down to :brightonfc: and :cardiffcityfc:

I was looking at the fixtures and Fark me…pick a winner out of those two!!

Massive, massive game during the week. Like dogs balls this one. Like ours vs Swansea but earlier in the run in.

If I was Houghton, park the bus son, you’ve three points more that the opposition and neither of you look like you are going to pick up a point for the rest of the season! (except maybe :cardiffcityfc:, who will probably beat :liverpoolfc: to fuck their season. Please, please, please! :lou_lol:)

Interesting @OzSaintDave, thought I’d look at their upcoming fixtures and try and predict the results :-

Date Fixture Predicted Result
16th April Cardiff v Brighton Cardiff W
20th April Wolves v Brighton L
21st April Liverpool v Cardiff L (unfortunately)
23rd April Tottenham v Brighton L
27th April Fulham v Cardiff W
27th April Birghton v Newcastle D
Star Wars Day Arsenal v Brighton D
Star Wars Day Cardiff v Crystal Palace D
12th May Brighton v Man City L
12th May Manchester Utd v Cardiff L

So Cardiff pick up 7pts, Brighton pick up 2pt, which leaves them level on 35pts, GD to be the decider


Gold :star2: for effort. Reckon that you are spot on the money there. That would make it a v interesting last day

Looking at that I reckon Brighton are fucked.

Am I the only one that thinks you lot have just jinxed us and sealed our relegation?


No sir, as much as we could manifest that reality, I am going to manifest a reality where one of these two (cough, Brighton) are religated

You should leave your reality behind when entering Sotonians.

This is a place where walking the dog, staying away from matches and posting pictures of nuns on a match day thread are all firmly believed to be scientific ways of influencing results.

Assuming our safety is a cast iron way to get us relegated. I thought everyone knew that fact

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I like rolling the dice, pushing the envelope, a certain living of life close to the edge. Facts do matter but until the status quo is challenged, it will never change


Back on topic, did anyone mention Ryan Sessegnon above?

His star was burning brightly when they got promoted. Seems to have faded a little. Worth a punt with pace and trickery.


Can you keep the Status Quo argument to the Glasto thread please …

Facts have no place on here.



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