👩 ⚽ Women's Football

I thought it would be good to have a tread dedicated to the female game. So here it is.

You can follow the goings on of the ladies football at the below link.

The England women have bounced back after a defeat on Friday with a 1-0 win.


Also I think it is about time Southampton FC stepped up to the mark and fully support their female team. We are light years ahead on other developments with the academy, but neglect our ladies!! This does not sit well with me!

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If you want to follow a ladies side you can always follow super league side Reading who are top. Or the women’s premier south sides Brighton or Pompey, who have also got ladies teams.

If we got Dianne Abbot on the case we would have a team by Friday.

We have a team, but the club have no support for!


Ladies football was discussed during the recent Q & A session. The club is apparently building women’s facilities to support the grassroot movement.

Q. Will Southampton introduce women super league team and increase female sportswear
Les - Part of the 5 year plan we was to develop a woman teams. Southampton Ladies is not far away. We will try to do it from the grass roots of ladies football and Hampshire county level. We want to build on that. It is our ambition to have a woman super league side.



i think it would be better idea to merge with men football, i.e. they could make a rule that i.e. every team has to have at least one ladies in it, and then they could gradually increase the quota over time, like they done with i.e. Binge Drinking. Ladies football by itself doesn’t work, i.e. last game i went to was match abandoned cos they didn’t have any balls. That is why i think it would be better to do it as mixed game i am srs that is what i would do!

Bearsy is probably thinking it, but is far to sensible and is not mysoginistic enough to say, but I reckon even better would be to follow the lead of our glorious leader Sepp Blatter - see where he went wrong was to suggest tighter fitting kit…to show them lady bits off a bit… but would be even better still if the ladies on the team had to remove and item of clothing for every goal conceded? What do ya reckon? catch on?

Will it be run as a business or as a community enterprise? If its a community enterprise who is subsidising the goalkeepers?

I am SO up for this, Bearsy, Mixed sports are way more fun than single sex!


The jelly wrestling rules are in the post :lou_wink:

Sorry, Cracked Rib, I’ve had to downvote you. Partly to demonstrate downvoting etiquette, by politely explaining why I felt your carefully thought out message was not of value. (yes, I did notice someone anonymously downvoted my declaration that posters on Saintsweb were ‘old school’).

And partly to tell you to bollock off you sexist pig! :lou_wink:

I am merely reflecting what the governing bodies, those fine esteemed and honest folks at FIFA have suggested would go along way to improve the Ladies game… who am I to challenge such honest folks with such high levels of integrity? You having downvoted me, I can only assume that you are challenging such innovative and modern thinking, when it should be clear to all that Sepp only had the best interests of the ladies game to heart?

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Women don’t know what they want, ain’t it! They say they want more media coverage & for ppl other than friends+family to go to their dumb games, but when Blatters & Cracked Ribs suggest they make use of their two key assets, they just shove them right back in Blatters & Cracked Ribs faces!

If they’re not gonna be sexier than man football, I think they would have to be better than man football to draw in the casual punter. The way to do this, IMO would be to make it so that in woman football, there is no restriction on use of steroids + growth hormones etc. that would be a big advantage! Look what it’s done for Messi! Imagine if all women football was drug cheats. A whole league of Messi’s! Winner!

I don’t mind dressing sexy, so long as people take my skills seriously.

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I don’t mind dressing sexy, so long as people take my skills seriously.

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It was the only answer I could think of that didn’t involve being outraged! :lou_lol:


I had a feeling this might happen! Ha ha

To be serious for a second… I remeber when the Southampton Saints were abandoned by the club when relegated from the prem… which seemed odd at the time given how small the financial investment actually was. I dont know what happened to the team or whether they are still ongoing, but would it not make more sense to to bring a side back into the fold?

At one point the ladies side were in the top tier with players who also played for England etc, and the coach was a pioneer of the Ladies game.

…we wcould even let them play in kit if they eally wanted to as it can get quite cold during the winter months :lou_wink:

Bring back Red Star Soton and buying in good players.