:pl: :wolvesfc: Wolves v Southampton :saintsfc: (Live on :sky_logo: sports)

:wolvesfc: v :saintsfc:

  • :wolvesfc: 0 - 0 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 1 - 0 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 2 - 0 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 3 - 0 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 0 - 1 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 1 - 1 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 2 - 1 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 3 - 1 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 0 - 2 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 1 - 2 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 2 - 2 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 3 - 2 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 0 - 3 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 1 - 3 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 2 - 3 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: 3 - 3 :saints:
  • :wolvesfc: not got a lotta Jota but aren’t toothless, :wolvesfc: to become the virtual Premier League Champions
  • :saints: continue their good form and tame the wolf pack
  • a draw of some sort

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JWP withdrawn from England squad with injury. Hope it’s “precautionary”

This is an away game? I may have to revise my prediction.

Add a few more goals for Saints :grin::grin:

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Apologies if you’ve heard this before, but Wolves’ logo is a sham and Wolverhampton has got fuck all to do with wolves.

It was founded by a Saxon noble woman called Wulfrun. There ends the mystery.

Did you see that a retiree from Wolverhampton tried to pull a fast one and claimed he designed their logo in the 70s for a school competition.

He now owes £500k for Wolves’ legal fees :grimacing:

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I had been wondering if Vestergaard had been kept back from Denmark duty and I guess this answers that. So no matches missed through quarantine. Do we know if that was the club invoking the FIFA rule or did he pull out?

Pretty sure it was EPL they refused permission for them to travel. Danish manager called up replacements before last weekend.
Technically they could play in Belgium

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Conor Coady has just withdrawn from the England squad as he’s had an NHS Corona alert and is self-isolating (per Simon Peach on Twitter).

He’ll be unavailable for 10 days (per my own experience with the NHS app) so is likely to miss the game :+1:


I’m not upvoting that news yet…we have yet to get all our players back and snugly tucked up in their own beds.

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Mods! @BTripz
Cancel the thread!

Date change


And all fixtures to be made available to fans until the end of the year.

Ah an extra two days of feeding our Tigers red meat…they should be tearing the fluffy Wolves to pieces by Monday evening. :japanese_ogre:


Coady is back for it now - it’s a FIXXXXX

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Isn’t Coady supposed to isolate for 14 days? That is the standard period under Government guidelines.

It’s 10 days now

spacebar test

Dunno. I fear that Ralph has been using @Barry-Sanchez’s views on Saints as reverse motivation.

They might not have that bite this week.

:saintsfc: HQ Great, we can finally rest on our laurels. Barry didn’t complain with his cruel words this week. We must finally have made it!


So he may be available for the match but will not have trained with them

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