:pl: :wolvesfc: Wolverhampton Wanderers v Saints :saints:

:wolvesfc: v :saints:

  • I agree with @Barry-sanchez “3-0 Wolves, we’re shit they’re not the end.”
  • :saints: away form sees them through this one, :wolvesfc: are over confident after their recent victory, :saints: by 2+ goals
  • close game of footbal with good chances for both sides, however the better :wolvesfc: defence holds firm, :wolvesfc: prevail by the odd goal
  • a :saints: drubbing by a confident :wolvesfc: side, :wolvesfc: by 2+ goals
  • :saints: hold firm against a :wolvesfc: onslaught, manage to get the ball down the other end for Long to score off of his thigh. :saints: by the odd goal
  • bore draw
  • score draw

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Any of you cock munchers making the trek to Yam Yam Land?

I am in the process of growing Noddy Holder Stylee Sideburns to blend in.


Went there last season full of hope … new ground to me, chance of a win. It’s a good forsaken place (and we lost 3-0) and I vowed never to set foot in the shite hole again nor mention its name. Awful atmosphere as the away fans are on the bottom tier spread the whole length of the touchline with wankers above, to the left and to the right. They sing that God awful “hey ho Wulveramptun” at the start of each half. Vile place. It’s a no from me … I’m out. SCD


3-0 Wolves, we’re shit they’re not the end.

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My last visit to Wolves was Boxing Day 79(?) … and absolute shocker of a 0-0 draw where both teams were lucky to get nil!!
Brass monkey weather of the highest (lowest?) degree and naturally a raging hangover from the previous 2 days over indulgences didn’t help matters. The ground was going through its rebuilding stage and the pitch had been swung round 90 degrees for future developements and we were miles away from the pitch. The upside to that was that because we were so far away, the recently No Beer in the stadium area rule didn’t apply, unless you were a Gold Medalist at Javelin or Discus Throwing!! The downside was that of course we bought ourselves pints of freezing cold crap lager instead of warming if undrinkable Bovril would have been the better option, just because we could, not that we wanted to :crazy_face: Probably the coldest I’ve ever been at a football match.
Our overall looks and feelings of despair and pissed offness probably saved our sorry asses as we avoided getting a slapping under the subway after the match, but plenty of others did. I’m assuming the place is still full of neanderthals and away fans are advised that all pubs bar one are strictly home fans only.

Best bet by the sound of it. You may get the sideburns right, but no self-respecting Eastleigh man could ever master that accent.

Desperately searching Google for old re runs of Crossroad’s Village Idiot Benny.
Yes Miss Diane. Did that sound good?


It did indeed

For some unkown reason the Ticket Office have just released another block of tickets for the game, about 2 weeks after the initial ones sold out, and a block which Wolves themselves cannot use for home supporters. I’d be surprised if they shift many more after The Chelsea debacle, but they’d have been snapped up when demand was high beforehand on the crest of the thrashing of Shytesmuff. #Bizarre.
But if any of you are still thinking about it … go ahead. I can’t be the only Sotonian poster going surely?

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I hate Wolverhampton they wrecked my first company car

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Saturday is a big day.
Going to really enjoy myself, taking it large.

Sod watching Saibts, it’s my birthday and we are hitting the town & if I dont do a Bletch we even plan to hit some clubs & not golfing versions


We aren’t selling out for our home games and this will be the first season on where we struggle to take full allocations, people have had enough of 4 years of low expectation and poor football, it was bound to take its toll eventually.

Which clubs do sell out their stadium week in week out? Our capacity is 32,505, I would hazard a guess that 500 are lost to separating the 2 sets of fans, our average attendance this season for home games is 30,963, so about 1000 shy of what would essentially be a sellout.

Liverpool are currently the best team in the league playing the best football, Anfield capacity is 54,074, their average home attendance this season is 52,687.

Liverpool aren’t selling out either, nor are any of the premier league clubs from what I can find. I think there are other issues at play here Bazza, for me it’s cost that keeps me away not because we serve up some utter dross at times (although I concede that this will keep some fair weather fans away but that doesn’t bother me), I just can’t afford to go week in week out.

I can tell you now Liverpool sell out every week their ends and have a 70 year waiting list and tickets go for £250 easily amongst the Irish and Norwegians, my mum has has a season at St Marys for years and this year about 4 around haven’t renewed, also quite a few buy season/tickets and don’t go, the United game and Chelsea there were pockets empty everywhere.
We count tickets sold not actual attendance.

Every club does that Baz

The difference is few actually could sell out, Liverpool as it stands have probably never had more of a demand, its difficult to explain if you don’t live here, the demand is unbelievable, how do I know? I know a bloke who knows a bloke who’s job it is to get tickets for people, Liverpool are the hardest of any ticket to get, he’ll get you for a price mind Lakers courtside tickets, Patriots at Miami? No bother, 3 tickets at Anfield? Of course but they won’t be together and they’ll set you back.
A 70 year waiting list as it stands (waiting list for season has been closed for year like United’s so you can’t join even if you wanted to).
Scouser Liverpool fans are sound to be honest and they deserve to be able to see their team, they can’t.
Modern football.

They should make it so you have a season ticket for one year only then someone else has a go the next :lou_wink_2:


Doesn’t 75% of him need to be under 25?

Good luck with that. mush.

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