🏏 :windies: Windies v England (and Wales) :engerland: 2019

:cricket_bat_and_ball: :windies: Windies v England (and Wales) :engerland: 2019


Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up booze (and drugs and food).


Yes, I’d agree with that. Get some drugs pronto.


Walk in the park


It’s what was at the top of the BBC site 10 minutes ago, couldn’t be arsed to do the maths myself.


Can we get under to 599 needed to win before losing a wicket? this would be important psychologically if we want to go on and win


Surviving to stumps without losing a wicket would be nice


56-0 at stumps, 1/12 of the way there


West Indies
First innings 289 all out
Second innings 415 - for 6 wickets dec

First innings 77 all out
Second innings 134 - for 2 wickets (43.5 overs)
Lunch - England need 494 runs to win


Burns bowled playing for the spin when there wasn’t any…



Second innings 143 - for 3 wickets (48.3 overs)


On the plus side, I can at least now take the piss out of TWO of my mates who flew to watch the Test


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

And, no, I don’t think picking Broad would have made a jot of difference


He might have got more runs than Moeen Ali.


Second test starts tomorrow and the big news is that Jennings has had his jets cooled!!


Was there really any need to call up Jack Leach? Surely after the 1st test Broad has to come back in so can’t see them dropping Curran for Leach.
And seeing as most cricket fans knew Jennings plays spin better than pace, how did he get picked either?
Rant over


If any of the grounds requires 2 spinners, then its this one.

Unless they have decided to spice it up, after the abysmal batting last week. In which case, 4 seamers it is.


10-1 after 6.3 overs

Burns out for not a lot early doors

4.4 W

Roach to Burns, OUT , edged to second slip and Burns is done for! Finds the perfect line and length this time, angled in from round the wicket, demanding a crease-bound defensive prod, and Holder stoops low in the cordon to scoop up a fine take for a big unit

RJ Burns c Holder b Roach 4 (16b 1x4 0x6) SR: 25.00




Denly bloody lucky with that LBW on 0. Now he’s out to an appalling shot. 6