🥊 Who's staying up for the Boxing?

Should be a belter.

Its at midday in the Philippines I should be awake at that time

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I did

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Well Fury certainly won that and more than doubled my beer tokens


Comprehensive, totally.


Listened on the radio as couldn’t find a stream. Great commentary tbf. Just incredible.

Well that was a good hiding, from start to finish. Superb performance.

Only one fight to make now.

Gypsy king vs bletch the kebab king.


Bletch could wear just one of his normal shirts into the ring


I was up ready for work but annoyingly was driving to 1st pick up during the fight.
Did anyone really doubt Futy would do that?

I did. I thought he’d outbox wilder and win on points not batter him like that. Fair play to him as he said he’d stop him.

I had a load of beer tokens on a fury win

Battered him.

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I did, my opinion of Fury has swun 180 degrees over the recent years and these 2 fights.

Wilder looked not well though, maybe that punch to his ear perforated his ear drum causing him balance issues.

Will we see Wilder v Fury III or will we see Fury v Joshua, and I firmly believe now that Fury will win that…

I think Fury realised from first fight that he could hurt wilder. Wilder isn’t used to people pushing him back light that. Great gameplan.

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Not a big boxing fan… but looking at the youtube rerun… not sure either would have laster 30 seconds against Tyson at his best

Not many would.

What are the chances the Americans invent a new 3 letter belt name so they can hold a version of the belt?

Fury would have, evasive counter punching style would have annoyed Tyson, I loved Tyson but it’s a popular myth that he blew everyone away, he didn’t, Holyfield taught him a lesson before Lewis did. I’ll add I hate the peek a boo and counter punching styles and prefer the Brit style all the way.