Who's line is it anyway sexy edition-setting the stage and discussion

Who's line is it anyway sexy edition-setting the stage and discussion


The format is thus.


@dubai_phil Is the object of lust. We vote for the other two actors to play characters besotted by our lead.

A sexy scenario is devised for the characters and they must conduct dialogue with each other from the perspective of these characters.


Selection of characters is by upvote.
















Some details regarding the character of

@dubai_phil .

@dubai_phil Is an attractive and outgoing young lady who also happens to be the daughter of a former Russian oligarch. Her world was turned upside down following the unfortunate death of her father at the jaws of an alligator while completing a business deal on a florida golf course. His assets were subsequently seized by the Russian government and his family evicted from their lives of luxury. She escaped with her family to London but as a result of her ordeal she despises the game of golf more than anything in the world. Without a caring father figure in her life growing up she has self esteem issues and has taken many terrible partners. She is open minded and willing to take risks.

WE are now accepting submissions for the other two main characters…


@coxford_lou likes to fuck. He’s not fussy but draws the line at Gosport.

His whole life is an endless whirl of thrusts and vinegar faces.

But he has a secret. A secret that has been kept for decades. A secret that, should it be revealed, could have dire consequences, not only for his lovelife, but also for his career in the dog eat dog world of custom silk screen printing.

Richard can’t afford for his dark past to be revealed and he’s willing to do anything (except receive anal) to stop that happening.


not my place prob but would it be Better if it was ppl what are real ppl please? I.e. if it was Puel & Les Reed battling out to bang Big Kat, I think that would be More Erotic for Me.


Trump & Corbyn battling to bang Theresa May, if you want to make it more Broad


Ffs @bearsy stop moaning you’re in it!


Burning question is, is @btripz going to get a vote from anyone in this poll?


not me, I’m gonna be in the audience, Masturbating


If I had ever watched Have I Got News for You and knew what the fuck you were talking about then there might be more buy in from me…


I also haven’t actually seen Mock The Week, but I can still understand what’s going on here, you stupid @btripz


@bearsy yep :lou_lol:


Since you’re feeling left out @btripz I’ve decided to give you a part. You can be @dubai_phil long term cuck boyfriend @btripz . Thanks for your cooperation!


A Big Kat Diary live if you will? If the Clive Anderson Will’s it, so it shall come to pass.