💷🤸‍♂️ Who should we buy ❓

Nick Pope for sure.

Barnes might stay at Burnley and I wouldn’t want him anyway. Be interesting to see how much the other two go for. How much do you reckon?

Good thread but perhaps check values on Transfermarket and post those as well.
Burnley have a £140m loan to pay back.
Pope will go for huge money

Pope £30 Mill? But he’d give us a good chance of staying up.
Tarkoski £ 20-25 Mill? Again he’d give us a far better chance of staying up than what we have and we could get rid of Stephens and another to make way.
Barnes? Hard one due to his age maybe £5 Mill? He’d bring a bit of guile and toughness needed.
Also Cornet and Pukki possibly, better than what we have.

Either we shell out or we’re gone, that team on paper is ok but below is pure shit, even then with our first XI out wasn’t the standard required so it’ll interesting to see who we bring in and sell.
Loads of dead wood in that shite squad.

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I though Newcastle were in for Tarkowski. Cornet might be useful though

We are in for Barry Trumpet of Torquay and William Bagpipe of Carlisle as they’re young and fit the bill of up and comers…

£50m for Burnley players who finished below us.

I’d settle for a new Mane Tadic & Pelle tbh.

Oh and a CM to replace JWP

How much are we getting for JWP?

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Tarkowski is out of contract I believe.

Are you saying bazbot posted fake data?

  1. Replacement for Bednarek. Who is not as bad as many think & will go for good money
  2. A full back or pray Small matures
  3. A CM to replace/rotate Romeu
  4. A #10 with creativity to challenge Stuey & Moi
  5. Broja OR a big pacy striker with legs who can press
  6. A keeper.

You need another 5 to make a team :grin:

How are you still awake?

Vodka and coke I told you earlier :rofl:

How have I faked data?

Keeping me going through golf

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Fitzpatrick gojng backwards

Oh, is he going?

£100m min.

To avoid disappointment we should accept the fact that we will be in the market for kids currently not getting a game at the big clubs. Ralph bangs that drum repeatedly so I’ve no doubt that’s what we’ll get.

The two from City sound likely. But a 20 year old ex Pompey goalkeeper with only League 1 experience doesn’t exactly fill me with belief. Nor does the prospect of McCarthy being the alternative.