:labour: Where now for Labour?

Only thing missing is a Bacon Sandwich



I wondered what happened to him after blue Peter

Same facial expression as normal - are we sure someone hasn’t photoshopped his head from PMQs and pasted onto a footballer?

How did you hack @CB-Saint ’s account @scotty :rofl:

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He looks like a Lego figure.


Israel really is Labours cross to bear

Tied themselves up in knots again this week - it’s beginning to feel a bit like UKIP when every time their leadership thought they had got the racist genie back in the bottle, another dickhead would pipe up

Laughing at the events in Rochdale.

I think Keir Starmer is finally learning that the problem with scorching the Earth is that you have to live on it afterwards.


We’ll be seeing lots more of these as we approach election time…it’s the Tory’s only chance to regain some ground.
If any opposition MP or prospective MP mentions Israel in anything less than glowing terms they will be torn relentlessly to shreds in the media.

I think Labour have just scored a massive own goal. Due to the purge of the left, they’ve only got the professed centre-right to choose from, and while they are on-board with economic issues, you end up with the same problem that parties like UKIP had when doing their selections.

It is ridiculous though. Both parties need to decide what country they’re governing on behalf of, the UK or Israel.


How are they ballsing this up so much - surely the prospective MP should be proposed by the constituency and the central labour can ratify the appointment after doing some background checks - like say, read through the candidate’s twitter feed - its not that difficult

Factional myopia. This chap said all the right things, was great mates with Louise Ellman. He was one of theirs. Not two days ago they were sending shadow ministers up to bat for him and insisting that the comments were one-off.

Well, he either deeply believes them or is playing to the crowd. Either way it wouldn’t have been a one-off.

Shadow Defence Minister John Healey, an ardent Starmerite was sent out to bat today on the morning news round, he told Sky News that he was so grateful to the Daily Mail for bringing this to the Party’s attention, thanking them profusely. What an absolute fucking wanker, does he really believe that if they get all sycophantic towards the Daily Mail they will call off their attack dogs and support the Labour Party? Thicker than a Boxing Day turd.
The Mail will have loads of these stories lined up, for a drip drip drip the nearer to the election we get. As PAP observed, Starmer has made a rod for his own back now with his phoney charge of Anti-Semitism against Corbyn which has now come back to bite him on the arse. Serve him right. And what does this tell us about Starmer’s Labour Party? Who is going to feel comfortable about discussing anything openly with fellow members at party meetings and social events, knowing that Starmer’s goons could well be secretly recording them and grassing them up to the Daily Mail? Welcome to Starmer’s Stasi-land.


So apart from the Human Rights powerhouse of Rwanda and the kiddie murderers of Israel are there any other countries we are not allowed to call cunts? Should we be making a list?


Afghanistan springs to mind

“If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize”. - George Orwell.


Apparently Rachel Reeves accepted a £10k donation from a climate sceptic days before Labour dropped the £28bn pledge for net zero investment

Now I am pretty certain that there is no link, but the optics….

Particularly when old Angie would be foaming at the mouth if a Tory had done this

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Just suppose there was a Jewish Grooming Gang operating in Rochdale. Would we be allowed to criticise, or be expelled from the Labour party?

Asking for a friend.