:labour: Where now for Labour?

This is a very interesting read, a light is starting to be shone on the rise of the Starmer project, and it’s not a pretty sight. Lying as a political strategy indeed!
It’s worth clicking on the Al Jazeera link in the article for a reminder of who pays the piper, especially relevant at the moment. Much more of this and the wheels will start to rapidly come off the Starmer project.

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Interesting read

the Al-jazeera article is over a year old though

Indeed it is. That’s why I said ‘for a reminder’.

Ah, I don’t remember the info they said they’d be sharing at the time tbf

It’s worth researching the programme, The Lobby, some of it is eye watering. Interestingly the spokesman from the London Israeli embassy who was covertly filmed offering up to £1 million to a meeting of the Labour Friends of Israel for information that would bring about the downfall of politicians who were sympathetic to the Palestinian cause was Mark Regev, a particularly nasty extreme right wing Zionist, who can be seen on our TV screens most nights at the moment in his current role as spokesman and apologist for Netanyahu and the IDF regarding their current slaughter of civilians in Gaza. He takes lying and claiming black is white to a whole new level.

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The Dutch hard right have won the election - another govt to go in on an anti immigration agenda

Ironic that at the moment we look like lurching to the left the rest of Europe is going the other way

Makes you wonder if Cameron went to Europe today, he would have got the concessions needed to avoid a Brexit vote


Starmer has written a piece for the telegraph praising Maggie for the meaningful change she wrought on the country


Well, I guess he needs to appeal to new voters because of the ones he’s driven away from voting Labour

He might get my vote if he takes a couple move steps towards the light :rofl:

No that’s not a typo :wink:

As a Sotonian I have to say anyone wearing a blue rosette light or dark is very likely a cunt.

See @lifeintheslowlane post immediately above yours.

No danger of that but wont be wearing a red one either. Feels like fraud.


Oh, so NOW we are fashionable?
NOW everyone everywhere talks about us?


A shout out in Parliament? Not bad. :+1:

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Not very far in Scotland

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Tbf - he’s fucking up the vote in Brighton - actively splitting the green vote and fucking up an alternative voice in Parliament isn’t a good look for labour - still, they’ll need every MP the way Starmer is going.

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