:labour: Where now for Labour?

If he’d been allowed to run on his preferred platform of no second referendum, he’d have walked that election. Starmer being as rabidly pro-EU as his mentor Blair made sure he couldn’t do that. It’s easy to forget how much of a single issue election that was, Brexit was the only game in town.
The tories were as shit then as they are now, but they were the only mainstream party offering the enactment of Brexit without a further referendum. They had literally nothing else to offer the voter.

And of course Corbyn had to suffer unprecedented character assassination, lies and misrepresentation on a daily basis for two years from the vast majority of the MSM. Plus senior figures in the Labour party using every dirty trick in the book to thwart an election win for their own party. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo openly telling an audience of Jewish leaders that he was working behind the scenes to stop Corbyn winning an election. The UK military and intelligence establishment working to stop Corbyn becoming Prime Minister. These inconvenient facts are now swept under the carpet and ignored but there can be no doubt that this disgraceful, unprecedented campaign of vilification, which gives the lie to a so called democracy in this country, played the major part in Corbyn’s defeat. To pretend otherwise is dishonest in the extreme. Plus of course large swathes of voters supporting and casting their votes for a known liar with a record of misappropriation of vast amounts of public money in his role of London mayor. But of course nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average British voter.

Mike Pompeo tells Jewish leaders he would ‘push back’ against Corbyn | Jeremy Corbyn | The Guardian

How the UK military and intelligence establishment is working to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister | Jewish Voice for Labour


I don’t know what the point of him is either. Andrew Marr seems to think we’ll see a different Starmer as PM. We almost certainly will. We seem to see a different Starmer every couple of weeks.

We seem to see a different Starmer at the same time when his points contradict each other.

He will never have a foreign policy thought that the US didn’t have first. The only hope for actual Labour people is that he gets Gordon Browned pretty fucking quickly.

That whole poppy thing is a bit disingenuous and childish imho.

Collective emotional blackmail once a year - damned if you don’t by those who wear one.

Grinds my gears.

Personally I thank people who have lost their lives in conflicts for the greater good.

But whose side was right? Oh, yeah, the victors who get to rewrite history. Has the UK been whiter than white in most recent cases or even in colonial times (Jeez can I even say “whiter than white” these days?)

String up the bastard political “leaders” who can’t / couldn’t / won’t stop conflict & the arms industry who need conflict to boost shareholder dividends - I was going to include terrorists/insurgents/freedom fighters but then it gets too complicated depending on where you stand on a point of view - or the amount of shit you are getting from your opposition.

Gears duly ground :rage:

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Yep…my grandfather died in ww1 and anyone who wants me to wear a poppy can fuck right off.
I write my rules.


I always wear a poppy and I always stick a tenner in the pot

I also respect those who choose not too


Kier is being pussy - wear it or don’t - stop pandering


And, like Christmas.
We could buy Poppies in the local Supermarket when I lived in Dubai.
A City in a Muslim Country.
Who respected the remembrance

Good for you

Could you educate all of the poppy Nazis to do the same?

And what exactly? :man_shrugging:

Starmer took off his Poppy to avoid offending Muslims

Yet Muslims allowed Poppies to be sold in their world ( along with celebrating Diwali & Christmas)
It’s just bollocks virtue signalling


Our family usally go to Awbridge where my grandad’s name is on the memorial. Some wear 'em…

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Proper respect and remembrance is one thing - the whole poppy industry is another, right?

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Not sure it’s an industry - the British Legion have done a lot of good work particularly in the field of ex service mental health when no one else gave a shite


I’m being broad brush - hopefully obviously - sorry if it offends

And of course very few people in this country are aware that an estimated 5.5 million Muslims participated on the allied side during WW2. Nearly 1.5 million Muslims were killed in action. Muslim servicemen were usually right up front at the sharp end too, which was appreciated and acknowledged by Churchill. It’s a shame that their sacrifice in our cause is conveniently ignored by vocal Islamophobes on the right wing of the political spectrum in this country.

“We must not on any account break with the Moslems, who represent a hundred million people, and the main army elements on which we must rely for the immediate fighting”
Winston Churchill, 4th March, 1942, in a letter to Franklin Roosevelt, President of the United States.


Just when we need a strong and robust opposition, will the last ones left please turn out the lights?

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Labour’s ability to shoot themselves in the foot never ceases to amaze me. Sunak was on the ropes today desperately trying to fight the Supreme Court decision and cope with a split in his party, so the Labour front bench resign en masse as a perfect distraction.


The politicians of today reflect our society - one where one’s opinion is absolute however daft and under no circumstances should that opinion be subject to compromise

All Labour MPs should have one goal and one goal only - win the next election and not get caught up in internal battles - you can do fuck all from the sidelines. win and then you can set the agenda


I suppose technically they resigned but in reality they were sacked. Starmer made it quite clear they would be sacked if they voted for a ceasefire so they got their retaliation in first. This is all on Starmer, in a vote of conscience in the present climate any pragmatic leader would have made it a free vote, whipping them to vote against may make Starmer think it shows him as a strong leader but in reality it shows him up as the reactionary control freak he is. Remember he supports the State of Israel “without reservation”, in other words as far as he and his backers and controllers like Mandelson are concerned Netanyahu can do whatever he likes, regardless of world opinion. They are bought and paid for, self confessed committed Zionists. And of course in reality Starmer and co welcome the exodus from the Party of the thousands of members who refuse to abandon their socialist principles and refuse to sing from the Starmer/Mandelson/Blair hymn sheet. In the memorable phrase of one of Starmer’s top aides recently, rumoured to be Mandelson, it’s “Shaking off the fleas”. This is what these despicable cunts really think of principled socialists, many of whom have worked tirelessly for years for a Labour government. But what goes around comes around I hope.