:labour: Where now for Labour?

Surely costs more to keep people in prison than on benefits?
I’ll be checking their voting record but unlikely to vote for London based one as don’t think it will help.

My collected thoughts, two weeks on.


I don’t think he has a clue. If a left wing candidate gets on the ballot, I’m not sure any of these centrists have a chance.

I can’t think of anyone that personifies why Labour lost better, apart from possibly Hilary Benn.

One side are vehemently against Starmer etc and the other side are vehemently against Lavery etc

It is going to be fun.

It really does depend on who gets on the ballot. I’m not sure Lavery will if both he and Long Bailey are standing, although once on the ballot, he’d probably win a landslide among the members.

Jess Phillip would potentially campaign to rejoin the EU If she became leader

Did the result of the election pass her by in some way?

Of is this a cynical attempt to grab the vote of largely remain membership?

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She has no hope of becoming leader.

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I don’t think she will but there is a base of people who thi k she is great. Not necessarily me but my partner (who hasn’t looked into it much yet) thought she was all right.
I’ve told him to have a bit more of research on any candidates.

Ah, Hilary Benn… Labour’s secret weapon of self-destruction. Not so long ago, I had him pegged as the great socialist hope in a wasteland of blairite phoneys, shows how much I know :angry::angry: His dad must be spinning like a catherine wheel.


Probably wouldn’t have survived scrutiny into his financial windfall from the 10 man union he ran

I thought the idea was to get the Labour Party elected

Barry Gardiner is such a patronising sod - he will turn off voters.

So who is the favourite candidate for you guys?

It doesn’t matter at the moment for me.

Johnson’s majority turns the role of the opposition leader into a whinging lefty with no power for five years.

Five years of that caricature being beamed to our television screens and regurgitated on social media will render whoever it is as unelectable.

The role of the next leader is to take one for the team until the next GE looms or these cunts fuck up so badly that shame forces them out of office.

Labour probably needs to go through a schism - and perhaps this election will facilitate this. After the shedding of the left or the shedding of the right then there can be unity - of sorts.

I see nothing but wilderness for the foreseeable future until something unites the cause of those on the left, sadly.


I’m not really impressed with any of them.

The one I think has the most chance of winning a general election is Lisa Nandy.

She seems to be the only one that gets why Labour lost. She also ticks a shitload of tickboxes, such as being female, being mixed race and being from the north.

Jess Phillips, the only woman on Earth for which make-up is futile, can fuck off.

If we are going to make comments about looks I think Anne Widdecombe maybe beats Jess in that.

Come on, go for the policies (or lack of) and not the looks.

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