:saints::pl: When Will Saints gets relegated

As the thread title says, we all know Saints are going to get relegated, so in which game week is this going to happen.

For information this is the end of Game Week 18 (21 games left due to Queeny passing) and the bottom of the table looks like this :-

# Team P W D L F A GD PTS
13 :leicesterfc: 17 5 2 10 26 30 -4 17
14 :leedsunitedfc: 16 4 4 8 23 29 -6 16
15 :bournemouthfc: 17 4 4 9 18 36 -18 16
16 :evertonfc: 17 3 6 8 13 20 -7 15
17 :westhamfc: 17 4 2 11 13 22 -9 14
18 :nottinghamforestfc: 17 3 5 9 12 34 -22 14
19 :wolvesfc: 17 3 4 10 10 26 -16 13
20 :saintsfc: 17 3 3 11 15 32 -17 12

I’ll start the poll at Game Week 30, don’t think we’ll be down before then

  • Not going to happen
  • Game Week 30
  • Game Week 31
  • Game Week 32
  • Game Week 33
  • Game Week 34
  • Game Week 35
  • Game Week 36
  • Game Week 37
  • Game Week 38
  • Stick a fork in

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Cheers @BTripz :+1: :+1:

Bump, let’s see if anyone changes their mind after last night

Am still sticking

…and if they do, let’s see if they change them back after the Everton game. :smile:


Everyone sticking with their predictions now that we’ve reverted to type after the City cup game? I’m still convinced we’re on our way down.

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Maybe not mathematically, but I think it might have been today.


We are mentally gone already.

If we make a decisive change this week, with an experienced good quality manager coming in, I honestly believe we can still get out of this. There’s enough games left to play, just.
If we don’t, we’re fucked.


Yes, I agree with this. More than anything else, we need someone who can instil some self-belief and confidence into the players, as that’s clearly what’s lacking right now. Having some kind of consistent idea about how we should play, and communicating that to the players, would also be pretty handy. Nathan Jones isn’t going to do any of that in a million seasons.

Let’s not forget that Mark Hughes - nobody’s idea of a brilliant or even decent manager - succeeded in digging us out of the hole that Pellegrino had dropped us into. We need a bigger rescue act now than we did then, but it’s not impossible.

We do need the right choice of manager though, and I don’t know who that would be.

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You’re more optimistic than me then.

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I’m just numb.
Under redkrapp I fought against the dying of the light.
Now? Nothing.
SR have spanked £100m Christ, how many people’s lives could have been changed with a few grand of that.
This is their mess, not mine.
I’ll come down early for the LCFC game have great Fish & Chips, meet some of you in the Pub and just be happy to watch a game of shit football for the only time this year.
It’s my team, but right now, it’s not my Club


The Leicester game is a 5.30 ko as Sky are smelling another 9-0 and as they’ve got 4 in each of their last couple, who’s to say they’re wrong?

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Perfect for Fish & Chips & Pub!

Here we go!!! The great escape starts here.


Well, with West Ham, Bompey and Wolves all picking up points yesterday, at least Leeds won’t pull away any further today. We’re going to have to rely on one or two sides having nightmare ends to the season.

Maybe this gives us a chance of keeping him next season in the championship as he builds himself back up?

When we do go down we could go for this fella as manager. He’s looking for a Championship or Premier League gig in the future

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