💰❓ What would Sotonians do with the money if you had won the £170 million jackpot on the Euro lottery

So fellow Sotonians, what would you do if you had won the 170 million smackers?

I’d use £50 notes as toilet paper.

I’d go on an internet forum and ask what others would do with it.
I’ll pm you my bank details :joy:

I’d spend it on getting @saintbletch completely pissed, what I’d do with the remaining £169,999,999.50 I’m unsure


Give half of it away.

I would buy the first company I worked for and sack one particular cunt who I know still works there


I’d use a large % to start charities, I wouldn’t give it away.
Animal welfare.
Amnesty Intl.
Would also get a pile, I’ve had a direct debit with the RSPCA and Amnesty for years now, they do great things.

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I’d buy my missus some new frying pans.


Was talking to one of my patients yesterday and he was telling me he’s trying to buy an area of forest, quite like the sound of that - turn it into a wildlife sanctuary or something like that.

Some charity stuff too.

Help some of my friends with their mortgages.

See some more of the world before it’s completely fucked.

Get on the list for a flight into space.

Oh, and get totally fucking hammered :lou_smiley:

Buy 170,000,000 items at the local pound shop.


I would probably pay off friend and family’s mortgages/give them money to buy a place as secure housing is important.
Any friend kids would have some trust fund set up for later.
Set up some charities home and abroad (but have local people run them as they will know what’s needed). I’ve given this quite a bit of thought as considered it when I had planned to live in South America.
Travel (maybe not so much flying but would have the time to travel in a leisurely way).
Move to central london (ok cancel the above list)

I think 170mil is ridiculous. Why not have more smaller wins. I’d be happy with 1 million. That would sort me for the rest of my life.

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I’d buy out Eisner.
Then build a toilet bowl shaped block of flats at NottArf after moving the team to Thorney Island


The first thing i would do is buy some new undercrackers as i would definitely shat myself if i was told i had won 170 million. Then i would buy both properties either side of Tommy Robinson’s pile and convert them into luxury apartments for asylum seekers. I would put my friends and family on a yearly allowance. Every December we’d have a big get together where each of them would get up and pay a glowing tribute to me. This would determine the following years allowance. I would be sat on a solid gold throne. The money wouldn’t change me at all.


So you want to be task master

And what would do with the other £169,999,999.99

Might have a beer.
But seriously, get a private jet & an ST at SMS obviously

Just an FYI , if you are buying a private jet - £20m minimum. I have been on a £10m jet and it was a bit shit

I was thinking at least an A317

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Phenoms - cracking plane

This idea has legs. Pfeffel, farage and all the rest. Every time they move, just follow with new "others":+1:
Cracking idea, that i’ll follow, unless it’s been claimed already. Haven’t checked yet as i like the pointless hope :lou_facepalm_2: