🇺🇸 What is wrong with Americans?

:us: What is wrong with Americans?


Maybe Jeremy and Theresa should offer Merkel a 3-way to pave the way for a more prosperous and united Europe.

Get that image out of your heads muthafuckas :lou_wink_2:


Two rusty creases and an excess of floppy skin spring to mind…


Be a good title for a blues song that.


I got toooeerr rusty creases
and a bad case of floppy skin


I got toooeerr rusty creases
and a bad case of floppy skin
I got two rusty creases
and a bad case of floppy skin
gonna open up my back door
let all them migrants in.



That’s lifted verbatim from Steve Barclay’s opening statement.


Not often I have bad things to say about golf, but this whole Tiger v Phil in Vegas thing is SO what is wrong with Americans



Happy Thanksgiving to them all, but especially our occasional US based Sotonians and lurkers




In a world (supposedly) growing ever more Politically Correct (or aware of causing offence to/showing disrespect to) other races and cultures, how, for the love of Jesus, is it still possible for anyone (and usually often Americans) to still believe that it is right to become Missionairies and to try and “convert” people to their religions?

I mean this guy is obviously a Darwin candidate, but surely, it must be illegal or at best highly immoral to try and convert people like this. Obviously he would have been arrested if he hadn’t been killed, I also won’t attack his beliefs, just asking the question HOW could he even have imagined he could do this?


Gets even whackier


That’s fucking good of them - forget the fact he was interrupting their way of life and trying to force his religious dogma down their throats. I bet they are massively relieved


Can I start using a crossbow on Jehovah’s witnesses?


I’d recommend an aluminium baseball bat.


My friend has seen worse porn


Ray Donovan uses wood


Chokes them to death does he?


I’ve got wood.

…sorry meant to respond to your other post



One of the most emotionally deceiving questions in the world from the mouth of an evangelist is “can I pray for you?”.

That’s not really what they’re saying. They’re saying I believe in this sky god.

You then have two choices.

  1. Say yes, as not to offend, validating their particular sky god.
  2. Tell them to fuck off.

I’m a rude bastard. I love telling people to fuck off, yet I still nearly always plump for 1).



When will we finally get an honest atheist politician… ?