🇺🇸 What is wrong with Americans?

:us: What is wrong with Americans?


I have some very good American friends and most of them are great people. I also have to say MOST of them are Democrats and not of the rabid red-neck variety.

One of them, Gary lives in Norman OK, a big Anglophile is as distraught as any of us at the way his country embraced extremist politics. He was on a nuclear aircraft carrier in the early '90s…he became embarrassed and ashamed witnessing many of his crew-mates arrogance and attitude of entitlement on shore leave around the world so the way that a large element has been so easily stoked by Trumps same sense of US entitlement at others expense has come as no surprise. America First! sends out a very unattractive message to the rest of the world…one of the wealthiest nations on earth WANTS MORE at your expense.

Gary works for a US multi-national corp and has been looking for a post in the UK…“what’s Leeds like” he asks. “Good in parts” was my answer. He’d make a good addition to this forum.

Don’t judge all Americans as extremists.


Totally agree, speak as you find. People on here get all “offended” by outrages being pointed out and yet they smear 320 million Americans.

Sheer hypocrisy.


Says the man who smears the whole of London and the South at the drop of a flat cap.


A shower of snowflakes entitled bellends who think the South is the UK.


The South starts at Winchester

Them Londoners are Northerners



The M27 in the line that counts, its all whippets and and howays above that


Sheer hypocrisy


No not really, the South is a different planet to the mainland of the UK, tory in the main, I’d sell the soulless place off or privatise it as a car park.


Is it only hypocrisy when someone else does it then?


Of course, but the difference between sincerity and taking the piss appears to be lost upon you my child.


ok Grandad.


Aluminum. That is all.


I’ll raise you



Ah you mean;



I’ll add to that Bayzill


And whirrsestershyer



But I like your thinking. It would make bletch a flat capped northern monkey





Tbh, I don’t know.