🇺🇸 What is wrong with Americans?

:us: What is wrong with Americans?


It’s just their freak show is bigger than everyone else’s


Looks like the Gregg school are trying to crack the American market…:gun:

…mind you, if they really were it would read 15th Jan, Open Season.


Because they’re normally white and American, say a valid complaint about a faith and all shit hits the fan.

Agenda driven drivel, hypocritical and self loathing.

Love it or leave it baby, love it or leave it.


Can someone translate this for me, please?


Nope. Sorry.


We can criticise and humiliate the Americans, imagine if we did this to Religion?

We only criticise white people as its safe to do so.

Dumb American? 320 Million people, the snowflakes have a meltdown when the shoe is on the other foot concerning “stereotyping”, its agenda driven reverse racism.


Are all Americans white?


I think a few are wong from time to time


No they’re American and the insult is directed at white Americans, people aren’t brave enough to do that if they’re white.
You obviously don’t know the rules.


You are the only person on this thread to mention race. Everyone else is talking about nationality.


So its ok to mention and stereotype a nation and not a faith?
Is this what you’re saying?


What the fuck are you on about? This started off as a thread about some cunt shooting a dolphin. The thread title is a bit ‘general’ so a few people have explained that some Americans are ok. That’s it.
Now you’ve come over all MLK.


… I think this could be resolved simply by changing this to ‘what is wrong with America?’ as opposed to Americans… as we know all Americans are not the same… but just to help out


If it helps, I can lower the tone somewhat. The trip to Florida I mentioned earlier involved a rather fun and drunken weekend in Key West, most of which was spent around Sloppy Joe’s Bar and the surrounding area. We spent a hungover Saturday morning on an organised trip out snorkelling where my mate and I met a couple of New Jersey ladies in their late 40’s or early 50’s. They were minted, so we went back to the bar for a load of ale and ended up back at their hotel where we tag teamed the younger one as the older one watched.




Well whats good for the goose has to be good for the gander, can you imagine if I said all people of some religious strains were homophobic by virtue or adhering to said strain of faith.

Heavens above.


That is a sign of good international relations, nothing more than that, should be commended.


That’s why you think they are ok - you’re exposure to them is getting fucked up (which is usually the best way to cope) and getting laid.


I speak as I find to be honest the US is the most powerful nation on the planet so it must have a couple of bright sparks, also millions want to go there is another indication of it being better than where many come from.

Love or leave it baby.


It’s a fair point.