What is the reason for not sacking Pellegrino?

What is the reason for not sacking Pellegrino?


He has admitted he has been lucky in keeping his job so what is the reason?

The results would warrant him being sacked and other teams have sacked and got results and that is one of the reasons why we’re where we are ie the upturn in others fortunes as well as our demise.

The team don’t appear to responding so why are the board so reluctant to do anything?

The resale value of the squad is quite high so I am now thinking the Chinese could take the parachute payments, the VVD money and the money from the squad being sold, there is probably at least £100 million for the players so that would make the purchase of the club a worthwhile buy and also they get an in to buy development land in the St Marys area?

This comes back to the manager, if we get relegated there’ll be no compensation to pay I’d imagine so is this all one big stitch up?

I think there is something in that.


Image - we dont want no fat sweaty track suited middle aged old school cliche ridden let himself go turd, we want slim moderately handsome and sophisticated with air of continental mystique - its a winner with the chick fans


I spoke to Les Reed about this quite recently and it was clear to me that Les still rates him and thinks he’ll come good eventually.

I imagine it will change quite quickly tho. Les Reed this morning is a bit like the Cat In The Adage, if you know what I, or rather Shakespeare means.

Edit: There’s no way it’s cos Gao wants to keep Pellegrino’s £2m compensation package for himself tho, if that’s what ur go on about you mentalist


Can’t really disagree with the first part of what you’re saying Baz, 1 win in what, 16 league games? Hardly glowing on the CV. I expect the board already has alternatives they would like to get in, but maybe there are barriers that can’t/won’t be overcome at this present time, and I certainly wouldn’t expect them to come out and declare publicly (although I guess some would appreciate this approach) ‘‘fuck me our manager is shit, but don’t worry we’re getting interviews arranged as we speak’’, as they need to show some kind of public solidarity (whether we beleive it or not is irrelevant) to try and keep a steady ship.

Who knows though, maybe a full and brutally honest approach may be the way forwards? Can’t see it happening myself, those days are long gone with the pressure from sponsors to be associated with nicely run ‘family clubs’.

I’m all for a change in the manager* but I guess I’m a bit of a pragmatist, I can’t think of anyone I’d like to bring in as my scope of footy knowledge pretty much stretches from the Prem to a handful of clubs in the championship, European and World football could be on another planet for all I know about it and the personnel that populate it. I certainly wouldn’t want someone like Hughes to come in.

Not so sure about the theory of keeping him so they don’t have to pay compo, for 2 reasons;

1/ I can’t imagine that his compo would be that expensive (relatively speaking) compared to exiting the PL.

b/ I can’t imagine anyone signing a contract (football especially) that says if you get relegated we can sack you without any kind of payoff, sacking a football manager based purely on bad results is fair do’s from a practical standpoint, but from a legal perspective not so much, as long as they have been turning up on time and fulfilling contractual duties they are executing their terms of employment and to sack them in this situation would require settling their contract or a little visit to the tribunal for unfair dismissal and this is a really long sentence isn’t it.

*I never joined the Puel out campaign as I saw some evidence of tactical awareness and every now and again we played some really good stuff, plus the fact we were never really in danger. Don’t get any of those vibes with Pellegrino sadly.


Image - Les, Ralph, Kat and the Gaos all think he’s swarvy and handsome, all board meetings descend into a circle jerk as they all stare at the life size cardboard cut out of him whilst fantisizing about the things he and they could do to each other.

Apart from that, not being privy to anyone’s thought processes, I have no idea why!!


If they’re looking at managers now are they Premiership ones or Championship ones?


_ ‘‘Some men there are love not a gaping pig, some that are mad if they behold a cat, and others when the bagpipe sings I the nose cannot contain their urine.’’_

This one?


I couldn’t find this on google images, do you have a hard copy? Asking for a frie…

It’s for me. I want it.


shortlist is down to 6 at the moment mate. One is currently Championship, the other 5 are either current unemployed or Abroad.


My guess it’s because there’s no one demonstrably better that’s available AND wants to come.


I dunno that we need someone demonstrably better tbh. I would prob settle just for someone that when they’re in the room, you fucking know about it.

Edit: I mean through force of personality, not just that they smell. We already had Puel and that didn’t work.

Edit2: I still want the hard-looking bastard who knocked us out of Europa! I wonder if he speaks English!


If the council would just get on with it and build the tourist landmark and superclub the city of Southampton desperately needs we’d at least be a Destination City. Then we might be able to attract someone to work with our mediocre team in our identikit stadium. Sad.


I heard we are in discussions with Bert van Marwijk.


Now who is fueling the Barry fire?! Ha



Do we need another thread on Pellegrino’s future?


Don’t think that thread helps you argument.

Only two things stood out.

  1. lost 3 of 3 at 2012(nice stats and how old is he now?).

2)Puel is a cunt(consistent, if possibly wrong. How are Leicester doing?).


Interesting point. The sages over at Fiverweb we’re convinced that no one would join a team in a relegation battle. Sturridge joined West Brom who are below us. We signed Carrillo and would have signed Promes if his club had let him go. Walcott apparently was going to come but went for higher wages. For a manager outside of those with CL ambitions it is a decent gig still.


Gareth Rogers was CEO.

Department heads reported to him. He interpreted the strategic messaging of the board into language the heads could understand.

The department heads interpreted that into tasks for their minions.

Gareth left. He has not been replaced. Nobody is communicating with department heads who have no leadership or decisions being made.

They are winging it based on the last instructions they received.

We are more utterly ducked than even Bazza could imagine.

Would be my assessment as a consultant and writer of business plans and strategy documentation.

I am NOT wrong.

From that you can infer the obvious.

There is no process in place or rudder to even understand let alone decide a plan to solve our problems. So media team roll out random shit Ralph & Gap expand commercial revenue opportunities

And Les says we need to make a decision and gets the "too busy opening academies in China text message.

It’ worse than Bazza could begin to imagine need to re-empathise that. Even the taxi drivers are suicidal

Imho of course


But we have rented nice offices in London