What Are You Saints Thinking?

Facts & Observations pls


The Southampton Squad that played Carlisle in League One, 13th November 2010, contained 9 current Premier League players, and has earned us £72.5m in transfer fees (to date).

They lost 3-2.


Just shows how amazing Carlisle were, they could have won champions league :smile:

I’ve got a good mate from Whitehaven that supports Carlisle. We may have lost the battle, Bear - but we’d already won the war. I expect those Saints players and management you are knocking were just being kind, the recent memory of drubbing the poor bastards at Wembley being fresh in the mind. Perhaps we simply didn’t want to rub it in.

Could you list the nine players, Bear?

Bear doesn’t know 9 players in total!

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It’s a bot, Lou. You can’t ask questions of a bot.


I did think he was acting strange this evening. First making sexist comments on the other thread (Bearsy is never normally sexist) and then getting all factual on us.

Well, the only player we’ve got left from that era is Kelvin Davies, who doesn’t really do a lot of playing these days. Club captain? Club clown, more like. We only see the stuff that is fit for publication on Saints media. The devil makes work for idle hands. Who knows what else is going on?

Repeated wet willy or wedgie attempts? The mind boggles.

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Originally posted by @pap

Well, the only player we’ve got left from that era is Kelvin Davies


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Yeah, Brian’s on his hols. He’s left an MLG algorithm in charge which has been infected with malware from somewhere near Cleveland.

That sounds way more entertaining than the normal Bearsy…

(just kidding!)

Sexist FFS! I only posted, “I wonder if Lou is online today”, or words to that effect.

Don’t answer it Lou.

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frbl pls, be srs

Tlk to the red blob spamBrian.

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I’m not even gonna bother owning up to that last downvote.

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I come on here with all Interesting Factoids, and what do I get? You guise make me sick. Let’s see how you get on without my trivia in future. I hope you get to final question on Who Wants To Be Millionaire Pls and the question is like, which 9 Premier League players played for Southampton vs Carlisle in 2010? You won’t have a fucking clue!

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ALL? You only posted 1 factoid bear!

Edit: on re-reading I guess you could say there were 3 facts.

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Well we’re not gonna be able to answer the damn question, because you ain’t told us yet!

You’ll be like Phone Friend pls, phone Bearsy, and you know what? I Won’t Fucking Answer And You’ll Be Sorry