🎵 What are you listening to etc

Glenn Tilbrook…the definitive sound of Squeeze…

I should be listening to this
But I don’t do Spotify.
Anyway, I posted Middle Sons’ German Death Metal album link

And so Son #2 has dropped a track onto Spotify…

These keep popping up on my morning walk musical accompaniment on shuffle.
Keep thinking I must see them live…


They are back and Abi still looks great.

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Different Kind of Normal



Released yesterday

Claim to fame: The bass players dad is an old mate of mine.

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Album. Out. Good.

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No idea what happened or any songs
But fvck it was an epic brilliant mess
And Alicia Keys owned it



I’m not a musician or even play an instrument beyond Infant School Triangle but I just love to listen to great musician talk about their art.

Michael Omartian isn’t a headline name but wow, what a talker about his art on legendary recordings. It’s long but well worth the listen.

Even if, like a lot my Punk loving friends, for whom Steely Dan were the antichrist, suspend your prejudice and have a listen…

Bit of a Valentines special on Polsat. Loads of classic singers & banging tunes even if I have no idea of the lyrics]

All my favourites are coming back.

Oooo thanks, I wasn’t aware…love Grandaddy…two new albums today, this one and Nadine Shah’s “Filthy Underneath” which is also brilliant. :lou_lol:

I have something in my eye.