🎵 What are you listening to etc

Sufjan’s new album is a thing of beauty…

Psychic!!? I’ve just driven from St Louis to Indianapolis listening to:

For me that’s the best album of the 21st century…so far. The outtakes album The Avalanche isn’t far behind. :slight_smile:

Just been watching the 80’s classic teenwolf when I heard a familiar tune, didn’t take me long to remember where I’d heard it as this banger was played many a time on my car stereo, I’m just so impressed how they had the idea for it given the source material!

More beauty from Sufjan’s latest…

Partial to Caroline Polachek since she recorded as the duo Chairlift in 2012…start at the 3rd song Sunset, 8.42…an incredible piece of recording…

Hugely underappreciated Stockport Band…

This came up on shuffle this morning. An amazing simple recording from nearly 100 years ago…

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As I couldnt bear to watch the Sri Lankan innings, it gave me time to hear The Glimmer Twins latest offering.

Loving it.

And a rather good closer.

… gimme a pigfoot, and a bottle of beer…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Can’t believe this is now 10 years old. Another from my collection on shuffle this morning, such an ignored talent…

Listening to this Tiny Desk again. Jason Isbell is unusual; a Southern Country Singer Songwriter…and an outspoken Democrat. Hell of a songwriter too…

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Well, bit of a surprise here

Eldest Saints supporting Son (lives in Cologne) had told me he was in a band, and they had had some decent gigs and warm up sets for some bigger acts around the country.

Well, their Album just dropped

Real @OzSaintDave stuff.

(He always was a huge Scott Pilgrim fan)

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@Polski_Filip Like that track! Not a fan of the vocalist (hope that isn’t your eldest!)

Sounds like it’s well recorded and done in a ‘studio environment’ aka, not in a bedroom.

Well played!

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Speaking of things that are happening, we are starting to get some really killa feedback from the ethers about our album.

My lad is lead guitarist
Very European Death Metal Vocal sound,
Works on some tracks for me.

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I see I’m not into European Death Metal enough! Lol

If your eldest is after some feedback, tell him its a solid track, good melody with each individual instrument well balanced across the sonic sphere. I like the intro, builds the song well and though not a fan of the vocal style, that seems more through lack of knowledge of the inspiration, not necessarily the timbre

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Late summertime they had to hire a Van to get around to all their gigs. They live in Cologne and were playing Hamburg and around Central Germany. A slow burner building a fan base.
The lol is that at the very first ever Dubai Shopping Festival Middle Son had asked for a Guitar for his birthday and I found one at the Fest - a Samsung Fender rip off. Apparently it was the best thing ever. Few years later he left for Uni in Bristol and I couldn’t travel with him due to work, so he took what he could with me lugging the rest over on my next Biz trip a week later.
So I get to fly Biz Class on BA with a Guitar on my back. Everyone thought I had to be “someone” but I was just the guy with the bad shoulder from the weght of the Guitar and all the books in the case!

So we now have.
Brother - Salisbury’s finest Covers Band The Zucchinis (and turned down a contract when they were The Courgettes doing Pretenders type stuff in the 80’s
Niece - gigging around the World in Kate Nash’s touring band as Guitarist.
Middle Son starting Germany rocking
Youngest - working on an EDM album.
Mrs P_F who went to Dubai as a singer and spent 11 years in the industry.

And of course me. Johnny No Note


Golfers have to come from somewhere!! Wow though, fairly talented fam you got going on there!! I’m the reverse where I am the musical on within a family of admin, retail, carers and housewives!

Where I fit in as a musician? Black Sheep