🎵 What are you listening to etc

The people have spoken.
Oskar has won “Banging Pop Song of the Year”

And yes, I do like it it’s a great tune

This is what I was listening to in an open field 53 years ago…needless to say…turn it UP!

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Been catching up on these. Probably for the first time in 30 years.


I was playing In My Tribe last week for the first time in god knows how long. Weird.

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This is for @saintbletch as I know he likes this lady…as do I…

1967 anyone? …

Hampshire Cricket


In the room next door to Young Adult #2 listening to him play what I think is an adagio by Rodrigo just from the sheet music. The boy has some talent - but only plays for himself and occasional friends and family.

Edit: it was a Bach piece transposed for guitar - played at half speed while he’s learning & had to give up as it’s physically demanding to play so you have to build up to it….

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Brand new album released a week before I see them at Ally Pally.

Anne Dudley’s beautiful piano playing features…

More electronica from “My Computer” their first album. This starts out very Daft Punk and develops into their own style. Their first two albums should have made them wealthy musicians…they sold in tens not thousands. :cry:

I love the series
But the soundtrack is just superb
Blasts across the 70s genres and Ep2 uses Nilsson as soundrack for a gruesome shootout.

Baccara surely?

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Maybe this links to the Channel better

I googled The Continental Soundtrack Playlist and got the lot - here it just gives the one link in the window to one song

Mostly Lola Young.

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Yeah, Ace Frehley from Kiss back in the day - that old solo album was the best of a sorry pile of shite from each of them. About 3/4 of an LP from all 4.

that track ( which is quite good btw) seems to be all over UK rock radio stations these days.

Shame he got booted out of Kiss, likewise Peter Criss (booze and drugs allegedly)

Heard that both gave up the rights to their face paint/masks saying they had no value - idiots.

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