🎵 What are you listening to etc

How to totally mistreat your instrument and get a great sound out of it.

Thanks @lifeintheslowlane

Not being a pedant, but that is a Fender Jaguar, as opposed to the Jazzmaster… but still good…

This is Moore like it :wink:

Dont blame me, she’s Welsh!!


Sopot Festival all this week. Like a musical Roya Variety Performance without royalty. All the big sings of the last year and special anniversaries etc. Goes on all week, I enjoy it, some great tunes and singers.

This is Margaret.
She can actually sing… besides wearing denim like that
(And this one is in English)

More to follow depending on whether I open up any Vodka this week…

One of the tunes I just wish they’d do in English because she is so
Talented, yes that’s the word I was looking for

And yeah, even I danced extravagantly to this at Weddings

We don’t do pronouns in Poland. But if we did

The 2016 Eurovision entry.
He did do a banging duet version of Like a Prayer with a 60+ year old Polish legend who was wrapped in some form of opaque brwon cling film material 5 sizes too small for her

Day Two. Sounds of the summer
Lady Pank has some banging tunes - well by that I mean music that drunk bitches can run around barefoot to at a wedding at 5am.

Hidden in the show tonight a number of acts will be fighting for the Amber Nightingale - well it is the 2nd biggest song contest in Europe…

(The songs’ at least 20 years old now btw
I may well be doing that myself weekend after this - we are booked for a 2 day wedding party. What could possibly go wrong?

First entry in the song contest
Aden Foyer

This is Agnieszka Phylińska
She is a legend, Rock Chic. Really distinctive voice that I can spot even on the radio.
She was banging this sing al long out this evening but she can do really smoky raunchy voiced stuff

(Prob posted this link before - it’s an anthem here)

Song contest entry 2 This kid has a voice but jeez she must be anorexic, I swear my thigh is thicker than her waist

Love this tune as well in the “Summer Vibes” category
I guess a whole Chris Rea vibe bit more sing a long



Now this is something very special. I mentioned it was a bog Festival so here is something unusual from 1996 at Sopot


Poland’s sing-a-long anthem #1 whole fucking house was singing it - could even hear the neighbours
Mrs P_F has bad hay fever
I have Lidl Wine.
TV crowd have their Lighters / mobile torches going

And the Amber Nightingale goes to?

Nicely up tempo’d for the live gig

Fuckin’ hell…1996. :astonished:

This young lady is wearing an interesting outfit on prime time TV to sing this tonight,
but here she is more fully clothed

Natalie with a banging dance tune I will proudly Dad Dance to next weekend

A different Natalia with a wonderful 90’s soul/disco vibe to her sounds like someone just not sure who

Tonight all the acts are accompanied by a “Big Band” style orchetra, and what we are getting are suited & booted Polish singers doing Crooner versions of their classic songs, all with a srt of 60’s Englebert, Frank, Tony, hell even in fact most sound just like Vic Fontaine from Star Trek Next Generation or maybe Dusty Springfield for the girls
It’s cool chill out and very vibey
I obviously am watching the golf with the soundtrack in the back ground

Shooby doooby ba da ba pa shoo dooo bee heeyy ba dabba

In case you were wondering. Here is the wonderful Vic with Odo shifting shape on the ivories
Every male act has this vibe so far. Absolutely wonderful music.
And some blonde even Mrs P_F didn’t know who she was in her words "sounded just like that Dusty singer from England - what was her name?
I like this a lot

ProperFestival from Kielce tonight.
With international singers!
Nea, Ray Dalton so far
Oh and Alvaro Solar…earworm
And yeah, Nea is Swedish & had a really annoying earworm hit.
Even got proper current Polish stars that i recognise