🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc


Anyone else go to the 1865 last night? Tom Robinson Band? Really good, they played the whole of the Power in the darkness album, can’t believe it’s its 40th anniversary year.


Just heard Leonard Cohen in New Look! Not your usual music in that shop.


What was he buying?


A very fetching blue raincoat. You know the one.


Of course…it’s famous rainware.



Fuck, Stuart Maconie just played this on 6 music all 10.30 of it…I played this to death back in the day…stunning…



For me, minimal techno is musical comfort food. So, this:


And this:


And this:


Also, this:


Anything by these:


And I’ll leave you alone after this one. They were probably still calling it Ambient House at this point:



I’m a man that likes a bit of sampling and eagerly tuck into a nice mash up. I suspect that to most of you, I am introducing Girl Talk, an act that looked into, and perhaps stretched the limits of what you can legally sample before you can get sued, but never felt confident enough to commercially release albums.

No matter. It’s on YouTube. A big, legally dubious fusion of hip hop, rap, R’n’B, rock, electonica, techno and metal.



I know there are quite a few Sufjan fans here so this will start off as a piece of whimsy and end up a fascinating read… All 293 Sufjan Stevens Songs Ranked

Loved this…


Very relaxing and…a little wonderful…



WTF? Mate, you really need to get out more