🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc


Not getting much work done, ratio of underworld to work is currently about 80/20 :lou_facepalm_2:


Now calming my tits, got a bit over excited.


Apparently I’m not listening to much:

I don’t recognise half the “act”s in the list (well, their music anyway)

I revel in my philistinism


Great word.

And kudos for squeezing 5 syllables in such a small space.


Patronising cunt



That comeback was excellent.

No, really, it was.

Well done.


Congratulating myself for seeing what you did there…so clever. :lou_lol:


He’s wasted on here. No really.


…and you…you’re the top of the milk. :lou_lol:

…on a hot day.


Rancid cream?

Have been called worse tbf


band name.



Sometimes only the Bobmeister will do… especially when it’s new old versions from what I believe is one of the very best albums of all time


She sounds like a woman wronged.

Great track.


Is this the place to say I honestly can’t be bothered with Bob Dylan…?

He genuinely bores the sour piss out of me.

Similarly can’t be fucked with The Beatles (except Revolver and bits of the White Album), the Stones (fuck off you misogynist old cunts), Elvis (motherfuck him and John Wayne)…

Frankly, most of the white rock canon can fuck off to rancid death.

And Van Fucking Morrison, I’ll piss in his dead mouth, the cunt.

The 60s were bollocks except for Hendrix.


Perhaps it’s because possibly you were born after the '60s. If, like me you were raised in the '50s and '60s you’ll have a different perspective. I know for a growing lad, the '50s were deadly dull musically, crooners and novelty songs in general. The '60s were revolutionary in contrast but it doesn’t work for many who didn’t have to endure what went before.
However, not a Dylan fan, or an Elvis (post army) fan or by any means Van Fuckin Morrison. The Beatles and The Stones were our own, liking was obligatory.



Ok. Agree largely apart from your last sentence. I was born in that decade so didn’t know the music, but catching up with what went on back in the day I have to say there was a load of stuff that kicked the 50’s into the long grass.

Edit: just to add. Same argument for the ‘70’s and punk.


The Chain thread has sent me off on a Tindersticks bender. This is so good, it’s almost intolerable:


And this, I bought it the same day I bought Aphex Twin’s first Selected Ambient Works album, and they both changed me in unchangeable ways: