🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc


Arab Strap, are also a Scottish band who toured with Belle and Sebastian. Stuart Murdoch, (B and S songwriter) claimed didn’t realise the words had a different meaning and that the phrase worked well in the lyrics :grinning:



I’m pretty sure that at the time (in the early days of the Internet), I Googled Arab Strap and it suggested it was a device for horses.

Now, I can only find cock ring definitions.

I may have made everything up.


pS great album.



I love Belle & Sebastian…have done since the late '90s and have most of their output. I read somewhere that they took quite a bit of flack for the “popiness” of their latest album, “How to Solve Our Human Problems”
I don’t get the criticism…I love it and just as important the Missus does too. :lou_lol:

Oboe always makes me cry…OK I’m weird…



Why am I only just finding out David Byrne & Brian Eno were a thing? Why did nobody tell me it was (unsurprisingly) this good?


We all got together a while ago and felt you’d enjoy it more if you discovered it organically. Took your fucking time though mate :lou_wink_2:


You fuckers don’t deserve me



Love some of Eno’s stuff, he did some work on the soundtrack for dune which was awesome, add some bongos and a bit of hi-hat and you get about 7 minutes of something that puts me into a bit of a trance (kicks in about 1min30).


Enjoyed that. Definitely get the trance vibe too. Had to tap and drum to it - couldn’t sit still.


You’re this years Sotonians charity case.

We thought we’d patronise someone else other than Bletch this year.



I keep going back to this video…very intense but a wonderful combination of vocal and electronica. Last year’s eponymous Loney Dear album was my album of the year…endlessly inventive with a stark beauty. Had the “Big Chocolate Cake” removed from my ear (aka stitches) and my new Sony headphons are fuckin’ amazing. :lou_lol:





Sorry, I missed this when you posted it a while back.

Thank you.


Stuck in my office catching up on reports and paperwork, underworld (loudly) helping me get through it :raised_hands: