🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc


Steven Soderburgh took a chance on a young Belfast DJ to soundtrack a major Hollywood movie and it worked out.



Not heard this in ages, just came on the radio. Banger


Just having my first go on their new album, Double Negative. It’s pretty bloody astonishing. A massive stylistic left-turn, which I love. Full-on though, in every way. Emotionally and structurally ruined techno ballads, that you can only hear with your ear to a loved one’s chest.


From their new album, Family of Aliens.



I have always been a very big Joni fan and saw her 3 times in 1970…twice at The Royal Festival Hall in January and November and the other at the IOW Festival.

TBH I didn’t enjoy her IOW appearance…the atmosphere during her performance was threatening,…“revolutionary” hippies trying to break down the fences to declare it a free festival and a nutjob invading the stage halfway into her set in a bid to make a personal address to the crowd decrying Mamon and his evil subversion of free music. I was a looong way back in the crowd and the sound in that vast arena of 600,000 people drifted in and out.

She was a sensitive soul who thrived on an intimate and supportive atmosphere. I was smitten and perhaps too nervous for her to have a chance of enjoying it. She was obviously upset and after the stage invasion made an impassioned plea for respect for the artist. It was a last shot at defusing an ugly episode in a festival that had started to go wrong with the late and non-arrival of artists due to play on the Saturday afternoon.

The DVD supplies the whole set as it happened…the sound and vision is mostly of a good quality but for me the real gem is the alternative documentary of behind the scenes footage cut into the entire set and Joni Mitchell’s version of what really happened and how she unwittingly turned the atmosphere around. From a woman, as she said, “being thrown to the beast” to an artist who triumphed against intimidating odds.

If you like Joni or even if you don’t, it’s a fascinating historic insight into a sensitive artist versus what seems today as a rather naive “counter-culture”…thoroughly recommended.


Someone on Twitter just posted this:


Your New Order top 3 ?"

That’s like a red rag to an enthusiastic bull to me. I already posted my reply and now disown it as inadequate. What’s yours?

*my initial go was 1) Bizarre Love Triangle, 2) Age of Consent, 3) Run. But I need space in there for at least 8 others.



“Temptation” “True Faith” and “Blue Monday”



Unless we’re talking Joy Division :grinning:


We’re not.

But Temptation is amongst my urgently pressing pack.








Well Ceremony is in there so you’re both (all) wrong.

I’ll get back to you on the others.