🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc




Underrated band, great use of Hammond organ. Friend of mine had a “cool as fuck” Inspirals tattoo done at the time. He may regret it now


Didn’t Noel Gallagher used to be their roadie?




One of my faves (yes, I have a lot) is back, and I’m very happy about it.

Interesting new sound. Like the synths, guessing some of the collabs she’s done have rubbed off a bit. Intrigued to see if that is the direction of the new album.





Fucking marvellous. And I know I’ve posted it before but I don’t care


Absolutely gorgeous. What a man. Look at his face. That alone is sheer beauty. And then listen to the voice. My god, amazing.


I remember the time I first heard “Illinois”. I had “Michigan” a couple of years previously and realised he was going to be something special to me so was hankering for the next episode.
Nothing prepared me for “Illinois” from the opening bars and by the time it got to track 10 “Caisimir Pulaski Day” I was a wreak, I wanted to whoop and holler and run out into the street…I can’t remember an album having such an immediate and long-lasting effect.

I got religion that evening, Sufjan Steven’s religion. :lou_lol:


Finally got hold of Seconds Out, the remastered 2009 version without having to buy the whole live Box Set for an arm and a leg. Great remaster.


Sarcasm, my friend is emotional expression of negativity, let’s not have any negativity in this town.



That music sounds like kajagoogoo.


That’s why I like it mate


You’re too shy shy.


I only ever post on here when I’m pissed nowadays.