🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc


Who are talking too?


Wgy all the prinz videos


This is what gives man…



I was joking with the spelling






You simply have to make a calm space in your day and fill it with beauty…even if it makes you cry…

The whole album is perfect…if you’ve never heard it you need to…


I’ve gone on a massive Prince YouTube bender and I’m sat alone, weeping with mingled joy and sadness.

They should make another Prince, and soon.


Make do with Bruno mars playing him


I reckon I could make do with Bruno Mars.


There’s a new/old Prince production from “the vaults” released this week: Piano & a Microphone 1983


Indeed, as per my post just a little bit up the page :wink:

It’s bloody smashing though, innit? A genius in his playful pomp.


Those who are are Led Zep fans will like these kids


One of my colleagues pretty much said the same.


You do understand the pressure you’ve just put on those young shoulders. Sound like Page? That’s a fucking big ask.
The similarly is undeniable though, so have to agree. I do like what i’ve listened to so far.
This is a good example. Similar, but their own.


First music film by Chris Cunningham



I am fucking up for this, you’d think after our convo about getting over excited by collaborations I might temper expectations somewhat, but nah, fuck that