🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc


This is the first time I’ve listened to the Eels “Electro-shock blues” album since my mum passed away of cancer - I cant even remember the year anymore. Maybe 2006? I used to love that album but it all became a bit too raw after that. I remember listening to the Flaming Lips album “Soft Bulletin” around that time and feeling really uplifted by it - it helped me.

And that is the end of my story.



Oh that’s really awful mate. I loved the first album, I was a student at the time. Lead singer was the son of a famous physicist I think.


I love you, man x


The best song about death. I Iost my partner, 10 years ago


Bizarrely, i was reading Mark Oliver Everett’s book “Things the grandchildren should know” at the time my mum died…i was reading his experience of his mum dying and I never finished reading that book. I just couldnt face it. I just left the bookmark in it and its now just on the shelf.


I’m so sorry, Ted. I dunno what to say x

Except that you wear it well and you seem like a good human being in the face of that pain, and that’s to your credit.


I find that he has a little too much trust in MSM for my liking.


Monosodium Glutomates :grinning:


It happens to everyone, point of the song I guess live every day as best as you can


You have friends here. Albeit online people, but whatever


I should have got over it by now


If it helps at all, I’m listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccUsvIF4RDQ

While watching this again and again: https://twitter.com/BoringEnormous/status/1035037994166747136

And it’s fucking great.


Dude, thats great, but its just one note? Is that the point it’s a Buddhist thing?
2nd link was an Owl flying into a wardrobe?


Obviously that’s the point!


I thought you were cool.




I visited my dad in the hospital today and recording the sound of all the old men on the ward farting . I’ve been listening to that a lot today…whilst watching One Show highlights


Oh fuck off



The bloke who appears about 1.30 is how I imagine @dinger to be