West Indies V England ODI

West Indies V England ODI


[EDIT: The title of this thread will change to reflect the then current ODI match]

First ODI is now underway

England lose the toss and are batting at the moment going along at 6 an over

48-1 of 8 overs Hales run out


77-1 11.3 0vers

Roy 58

Hales 9 Run out

Root 5


90-1 15 overs


Spinners slowed the rate down a bit but Roy scored 50 off 36 balls - 3rd fastest in ODI’s v India (Shah & Flintoff did it in 35)

But a solid start.

Gotta follow on Crocinfo these days - 200 Euros a month now to subscribe for all the Sports Channels on the Satellite that DOESN’T have the football. Made the decision to go to work instead


Roy out stumped for 73 109/2 currently

Under pressure Morgan in now


Annoying Root is nurdling along at about 4 an over & Morgan had got going.

Pandya to Morgan, OUT, Nandan has not given it, and India have reviewed it. Dhoni generally doesn’t appeal frivolously and this time he looks dead sure. Short of a length, angling away, and Morgan looks to open his face. He gets an edge through to Dhoni, and Nandadn has to overturn his call for a second time today. Just slight seam after pitching middle and leg, and kisses the edge

EJG Morgan c †Dhoni b Pandya 28 (26b 2x4 1x6) SR: 107.69


157- 3 Morgan caught behind for 28

27 overs gone


200 up for 3 wickets in 35 overs

Well positioned for an attack now BUT there is a long history of teams collapsing when they try and accelerate in teh sub continent.

Says Cricinfo


Shit Buttler out when he needed to be exploding.


Pandya to Buttler, OUT, and Pandya sticks to his guns well enough. He has been bowling with mid-on and mid-off up, and has not given them even one drive ball. Buttler looks to manufacture one to a ball just short of a length, and doesn;t get enough of bat to it. Caught overhead at mid-off by Dhawan. India strike again with England looking to run away from them

JC Buttler c Dhawan b Pandya 31 (36b 1x4 2x6) SR: 86.11


Pandya to Buttler, no run, slower bouncer, Buttler is caught waling down the wicket and is hit on the helmet. Through early with the shot. The ball hits the shoulder and the helmet grille

Avnish: “Kohli is a real crowd charmer. He fielded that cover drive and did a sort of ‘Yes, got it’ gesture by shaking his arm, got the crowd really going!”


Pandya to Buttler, no run, down the wicket, drives hard but straight to mid-off


Pandya to Buttler, no run, length ball, slower, outside off, punched to mid-off

Pandya will bowl out before 40 too so the last 10 will go to Bumrah, Yadav and Ashwin


Pandya to Root, 1 run, drives a length ball on the up, gets a single to deep cover


244 -5 Root gone for 78


286 -5 45 overs

Stokes and Ali hit 40 in 3 overs


Stokes gets to 50 with a six and off 34 Balls which I think gets me a nomination as a mad statto in that I posted the record WAS 35 balls & he just broke that


50 for stokes of 33 balls


Current partnership 53 runs, 4.2 overs, RR: 12.23 (Ali 10, Stokes 41)


7 off a single ball :lou_lol:

4th Beamer bowled by India goes for 6 & is a no ball. Free hot goes for 2 - now past 300 and cracking on Par score is 305 they said


304 -5 46 overs



Cricinfo had just said THIS

Now 350 looks on. England would have been happy with 335 when the 41st over began but India have lost the plot here

Next Line says THIS… Commentators Curse


Bumrah to Stokes, OUT, Bumrah gets a wicket. Will this slow England down? Bouncer from over the wicket. A good one. At his left shoulder. Stokes mis-hits the pull and finds deep midwicket. That innings has turned the momentum for England

BA Stokes c Yadav b Bumrah 62 (40b 2x4 5x6) SR: 155.00


Stokes goes for 62

England 317 - 6

47.1 overs


Ooh Ooh

And Rory has made up a 3 shot deficit on Stormy and is now tied for the lead with 5 holes to play in SA Open.


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