West Ham Utd V Saints

West Ham Utd V Saints


Well after the resounding win against the pie eaters, we are back to reallity and the little matter of inflicting another home defeat on the Irons to start clawing our way to Premier league survival.

Cedric and Hoejbjerg must be our fifth highest goal scorers so they will both be in the Team

Tadic has to be dropped

0-2 Saints


This is a real 6 pointer, the loser will end up in 18th place so a 2-2 draw then.


We will win this one, I feel it in me bones. We’ll play terribly for the first half but come in 0-0 at half time. Sparky will bollock them and we’ll come out much better. I’m predicting 0-2 with a goal from Hoijberg (probably from a corner) and a late goal from Cedric. Gabi will probably miss a penalty as well.


…why stop there I’m saying at the final whistle there will be amongst the Saints faithful an appearance of the good Lord Jesus Christ where he will bless Sparky and the gang and we will be whisked forward in a time vortex to the end of the season in a flurry of identical 2 - 0 wins.

And to think…there were some here who were worried about our Premier League status.


I can’t put my finger on it or why but I’m sure that’s happened before…must be déjà vu, kung fu or something…


I would love it, just love it if West Ham went down.


First half yesterday we looked awful, couldn’t string passes together and shot of any confidence. Somehow however we battled through it to be level at the break.

We noticed early on the new Zonal Marking system from corners - mainly after cries of FFS X Y and Z are unmarked!

It was also noticeable that we did not try and turn round in circles all over the pitch, it was just (maybe bumpy pitch or the wind) the short passes did not come off.

Second half we looked so much better. Playing the ball forward and as the half wore on with more and more purpose. Garillo 1st half & Gabbi 2nd both showed how short of confidence they are, but in Gabbi’s case the keeper made decent saves from him.

The POINT being is that West Ham, they will again set up to attack us. The pitch will however not be a cabbage patch and we will have had 2 more weeks with much of the squad to work on the Zonal Marking and moving the ball forward.

Redmond may now be 1st in line to start. What a different player he is WHEN he plays forwards. The ball to Gabbi that brought about the penalty was sublime, as was his dink over the Wigan player that led to the Soares goal.

Yes there was a lucky rebound into Soares, but in fact Redmond was playing a great ball to one of our players (probably Long) who was totally unmarked in the middle - something that would never have happened a week ago as he would have recycled the bloody thing.

2 more weeks work, West Ham set up to attack us, Gabbi & Carrillo gaining in confidence (and not getting in each others way) before Chazza comes on to put the game to bed for us around 75 minutes.

It wont be a cracker but we can beat them, Sparky has 2 weeks with most of them now to build for that and the rest of the season



Ooh. Fingers crossed.

James Collins pulls a Hamstring, and Winston Reid already out for the season…

Collins’ injury risks leaving West Ham light in defence ahead of crucial upcoming fixtures.

They are already without Winston Reid for the rest of the season and recently sold Jose Fonte to Chinese Super League side Dalian Yifeng


Personally I’d prefer Collins to be available - he’s always got a dodgy error in him every game, whether that be diving in or losing his man. And he’s old, slow, and past it. Basically what I’m trying to say is he’s not very good.


Collins to score the winner it is then!


Pity Fonte’s gone too…always a good chance of a pen.


All our players are old and shit too… will that redress the balance?


5 days and not a comment about this nail biting 6 pointer?

Have we really been that engrossed in all the international matches?

So I hear that the West Ham authorities are planning on building a wall next to the pitch. Is that to stop the supporters from coming on or the players from trying to escape??



I really hope that Saints score first so that the fans riot and the match gets adandoned, then Saints get given the walkover…


We are simply all down our local place of worship praying Chazza doesn’t trip over a daisy and everyone comes back fit from their International trips

Main fear is that Redmond may have got sunburnt during his weekend break down here)


It’s alright, I’m going for my standard prediction:

1:2 win to Saints


1 -2 Saints. 2 red cards



200 saints fans need to go up in claret and blue and storm the pitch / director box - 10 pt deduction for the Hammers, match abandoned. automatic 5-0 win for us. Job done