🏎 🏆 Well done people who play games

dont really watch F1 all that closely, but today’s race was fantastic. Brilliant way to win a third title.

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I like this one better!

Come on Sfcsim, let’s overtake Cracked Rib :smile:

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Well it is lovely in here.

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Saying this earlier I submitted 4 of the same. I was getting inpatient of the slow internet!

Keep your hands on the steering wheel, Sfcsim!

You lot deliberately trying to piss me off now?

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Piss off back to your own car KRG!

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While I can appreciate his skill, I cant stand Lewis, sorry. Way too much in love with himself.


No doubt. But he’s also a thoroughbred, no-compromises racer in a ‘sport’ sorely hampered by pay drivers, politics and increasingly bizarre regulation.

That’s enough for me.

I was going to post on Twitter #sourkraut after Nico’s reaction but thought it might be construed as racist or something like that. What a totally unsportsmanlike reaction.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in moments of challenge amid controversy.

- Martin Luther King Jr.


Title no. 6


And not in the fastest car(again).
That’s a rare achievement in F1

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Nice analysis

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And now he is level with Michael Schumacher with 91 grand prix victories.

He polarises opinion no end but you can’t doubt his driving skills…

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Thanks to that Netflix fly on wall documentary and Covid boredom, I’ve actually watched all the races this year having seen only the 1st Bahrain GP for 30 odd years.
Found it more interesting than I remember.
So yes, well done Lewis.
And I know he polarised but English fans loved Coulthard & Mansell who were also Monaco residents.

Stunning drive by Lewis Hamilton to win a crazy Grand Prix.
Outstanding performance to win his 7th Championship.
You dont have to like him but you HAVE to admire his skill.

Sorry @Polski_Filip thought I’d move this to a more appropriate place, like you say, consummate drive by Lewis today in difficult driving conditions, take what happened to Bottas for example.

Can easily see him going on to win his 8th title next season… with Red Bull :+1:t2::rofl:

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He certainly rates as one of our best sportsmen of this generation.
Botthas has the same technology and showed today there is more to the sport than that.

I fell back into F1 thanks to Covid/lockdown but mainly thanks to the Netflix documentary series.

Watching each GP when they dont clash with Saints games.

Records are made to be broken but to be at the top so long and that experience & judgement showed up big time today.

Interesting read, if a bit long and waffly :-